Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Best bag ever! aka The every day bag

Let's not talk about how old this post is... let just say that these were once xmas gifts - when I was actually on my game and gave handmade gifts. 

I originally made this bag here and I still love this bag a LOT. So a while back (ahem) I made these 3 bags for my Grandma, Cousin and Aunt 

I switched it up on the blue one and added binding on this version- which I love! 

Both of these fabrics were hand printed .... somewhere... and I bought it at the quilt show in Jacksonville. Love the way they look together!

This one was for my cousin. The fabric is bright and happy and reminded me of her. 

And for my aunt. Blue, green, circles, flowers... all things that when I see I think of her.

Maybe someday I will get a tutorial up on this. It is seriously so fun/easy to make and it is the perfect size for tossing stuff in a running out the door. It isn't meant to be a purse... more like a pool bag or gym bag or I carry to many changes of clothing around because I have kids bag... 
The hard part about making gifts is I want to keep all the things I make for people... now my stripped ones I love look plain and boring... haha


  1. Great bags! I just found your blog and today I happen to be looking for hangers. Love the hangers you're showing; where are they available? Thanks

    1. They are from Ballard Designs a few years ago- I don't think they carry them anymore. But I am sure you could have a metal worker make them if you really want them, they are a super simple design.

  2. And I love mine! I have used it a lot!

  3. Great bags! I hope you do get around to doing that tutorial!

  4. I really like the handle detail. Looks like a great tote bag!

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