Thursday, November 8, 2012

Everyday Bag #2

I liked my first one so much I made a second. 

This time out of a linen from Joann's' that I found in remnant bin. 

I switched up the design a little so the process was faster... but I still found a couple of places I wish I had done differently. I may still add leather to the straps on this one. I really liked that feature but I just didn't get to it. 

I love that they are so simple. I get a TON of use out of them as I load them up with extra stuff that isn't needed in the diaper bag but still needs to be available to me when we are out for the whole day or on our way to Mom and Dad's. That is the one thing I wont miss about small children the diaper bag is at least 15 pounds and I can't figure out what to leave out to make it lighter!

I can't believe we are already this far into November! Where is the time going?! 


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