Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Unblogger

At the urging of my coworkers, whom I love beyond measure, I have begun blogging. I will be neither consistent nor coherent most of the time. This may amuse me for awhile. You most likely will be bored. So when I complete this post and cook for my dearly beloved, I will crochet tiny flowers. Wait, maybe I will sew. My machine was broken (really really dirty) and I haven't been able to sew at home for over a month. Well, ok, unless I held the presser foot down with my finger which made my finger afraid of being sewn. Sewing shouldn't be scary. So anyway, a wonderful guy fixed my machine (cleaned it really well and didn't make any nasty comments about me being a pig and maybe I should think about cleaning my machine more than once every 17 years) and I am sewing again.

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