Thursday, November 25, 2010

Good Food, A Baby and A Gift

We had a yummy lunch today! Jessica and Uber made Cornish Hens and grapes. It was gorgeous before, 
and after. Uber's parents were here too and between all of us cooking we had WAY too much just the right amount of food. There are even leftovers for tomorrow. 
I bought myself some lovely fall flowers.
I kissed this baby's face. Lots. 
I looked at this beautiful quilt as often as possible.  
This is my as yet undecided what to call it room. I'm not done in here yet, but it's coming along. I want the area above the fireplace to be a rotating art display. First up is this quilt, a gift from Kelly. I love it. LOVE

See the light fixture that features it so well? I'd been looking at something similar on Pottery Barn. During one of my many, many trips to Lowe's, Jess spotted this on the clearance shelf, $15.23. That find saved me $143.77. Maybe I should put that toward a fireplace makeover. A serious fireplace makeover. 
I love how the light makes this quilt glow!
Thanks Kelly, I may have said this already but I love it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day! Just wanted to show you the one fun decoration I was able to finish in time to use this fall....
 Please excuse the two holes in my wall. This is the part about my house being a work in progress and me going ahead and showing you. There was an intercom. There was a ventilation hood. They were beyond non functional and U.G.L.Y. The electrical thingys need help so until we get to that point in our reno, they remain open. 
 Back to my pretty garland. This is from a tutorial over at ParrishPlatz. I've wanted to make one for awhile and decided now was the time. Thanks for the idea and doing the cool leaf templates Jennifer! These were made with some wonderful 100% wool felt I bought when I was in Germany. I machine sewed my layers together.
 I think this one is my favorite.
Yes, it's still warm enough for the beach.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Closet Organization

Finally a completed craft project... of course the smaller easier one is mine!
I wanted a hamper and a way to separate different sized clothing in Micah's closet ... this is only one bar there is another bar above plus a drawer with larger sizes... I kept forgetting where the different sizes begun and ended which is really irritating when you are trying to get a sometimes fussy baby dressed... so after a few days of brain storming I came up with this solution

Wraps for the bars. I wanted to be able to read the sizes looking into the closet so the plastic sideways discs weren't going to cut it for I wanted to make mine... I am totally jazzed with the way that they turned out. I just did quick hand embroidered numbers and stole moms sewing machine (while she held Micah... see she helps with every project) to sew them up and used iron on Velcro. If anyone is interested I can do up a quick tutorial ... it may take me a few days... lol...
Next the hamper. I had made a quick drawing of my idea and had cut all the pieces out roughly to the size I wanted them and then threw the project at mum to complete ... which she was really nice about doing (not sure how long that is going to last! : P )... she of course made the whole thing even better. For some reason she is not super happy with it and told me I could blog it... Personally I think its fantastic and I wanted you all to see what an awesome job she did with someone else's half baked idea.

So I have ONE more thing to complete and then the nursery is done (for now). Ubers parents are here tomorrow so I am am hoping to steal some crafting time this next week while they spend quality time with Micah. I really can't wait to show you the completed project!

Now for some gratuitous baby shots-
Micah visiting his Dad at work!
Micah with his amazing grandparents -can't wait to show you some pictures of him with his other set of equally amazing grandparents ; )
And AGH! Uber clean wrapped in a towel Micah! How stinking cute is this towel?
Alright I am off to chew on my baby!

Friday, November 19, 2010

I Knitted My Bit

Knitting has always intrigued and yet eluded me. I've tried hard to understand it but until my sister came and showed me I just wasn't getting it. Poor Sherie, I don't know how many times she asked if I was really sure I wanted to knit. I got to between round 9 - 13 six times and tore it out. I know I will never be a knitter but at least I know can say I have knitted. 
This yarn is gorgeous. Thank you Mary for giving me such loveliness. I've been saving it for something special. The pattern is called Candle Flame Cowl from here

 My real goal is to be able to make wash cloths. This pattern is from Purl Bee . Sherie has made a couple of these for me and I want more. I keep thinking I should be able to make them myself instead of bugging her. The knitting needles below were made by a friend. Yes Joan, I still love purple! 
Gratuitous grandchild shot. I love this boy.

The Blue Door

 I love color. Who knew? When we moved to this house I knew I wanted the door to be blue. I just found out my sister is painting hers red. I may want a red door soon but for now, it's blue and I love it. I didn't realize until I started painting it that the tiles we hung in the entry are trimmed with almost the same blue. They were a gift from my parents in law heart, who carted them all the way from Spain to Germany. This might not seem like such a big deal but this is not a light weight peice! 
It's one of my favorite things. The door looks so much better than it did before. 
 Someone is smiling a lot and trying to tell me things.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Actually Sewed Something

 My sister asked for this bag back when I was at the shop and made it for display. She decided it was the perfect knitting bag. I decided that she also needed a pattern holder and made one the night before she left. It's not great but I think it will do until she is tired of it. 
Jessica wanted more shopping bags. She uses one that I sent her for a beach bag. We collect shells and other beach treasures in it. These will be for shopping. Or beach treasures or whatever she wants.
Who says you can't have fall color in FL? I have two beautiful trees in my front yard that are trying their hardest.  I looked up and saw this while I was painting my front door. My blue front door. My indigo blue front door.  Oh yeah, I'll post that over here when it is dry......

Quilt Display

 Some of my beloved friends from Germany may recognize this display. Yes, it's part of the baby crib I bought at the second hand store and took apart for display at our shop. 
I was going to hang them in "my room" but You Know Who didn't think there was enough wall space. He decided they would look better in the hall. He was right. Don't tell him though. This wall and most of the hallway was thoughtfully painted by my sister. Seriously, without her and Jessica I still wouldn't be sewing. 
I was in my family room (the room that has no purpose and no real furniture yet) the other evening and turned to see this on my hallway wall. Have I told you all that I love my home? It is a home. I cannot remember having a place that feels like it belongs to me and my family as much as this place. It's kind of weird. I loved this and wanted to share it with you.

Micah - the first 6 weeks

Photo update for family and anyone else who is interested (Uber says I can't fill facebook up with baby pictures ...haha... and plus some people don't have facebook)

Here's a bunch of pictures of the little guy in no particular order just a few of my favorites--out of thousands... yeah and we haven't even been that good about getting pictures!

I'll try not to make too many posts picture posts!