Saturday, November 29, 2008

A couple more hats

I've told a couple of you about what fun You Know Who and I have when I ask him to take pictures of me. I am afraid this moment nearly caused me to have a nervous breakdown and some screeching was involved. I should learn to stand there with my mouth shut and hope for the best but instead, I let him push my buttons....... Don't tell him, but it's kinda funny, but not.... Anyway, I made this hat because Jenny P. sent me a link and I just had to try. I used cotton ease for my version. Theirs was a much more yummy yarn that I can't find. I like it though, what do you think? I know it's not exactly like the original....
Another kid hat. This is also out of the cotton ease. It is a cotton poly blend that feels like cotton but should hold up well colorwise. I need to wash one and find out.....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

More Weinachtsmarkt fun

This is for those of you who can't be here this year. Hope you see some favorite things and maybe some new sights.

We started at the Esslingen middle ages market. I love this place!

Look at their shoes....

Next year's costume??

Not taking Evie here. Yes, it is cat.

I made my youngest a costume like this one year. He hated it.....

Stuttgart in the evening.

Ski pigs??? Specifically girl pigs??? What's that about?

Fish on a stick. LOVE IT! K, didn't love it 13 years ago but I was young and dumb then.....

Now that's a copper pot!

Moleskin Love and Happy Thanksgiving

We are crazy busy over here but I just wanted to drop in to say hi and show you some more stuff. Hope you are all having an awesome day with your families!

I LOVE these little notebooks. My Grandma sent me one a few years ago for Christmas and I carry it everywhere with me to doodle ideas into. I decided to go pick some more up and found these fun smaller ones. Perfect! I think everyone needs one of these! I personalized one for each of the early christmas present recipents... I am not a painter at all! But I really enjoyed making these...

for my aunt:

my cousin (went more anthropologie looking for her) :

Ubers mom:

for Grandma:
I still haven't gotten around to doing my own... funny how that works! Mine is going to hold a quick reference for all our favorite recipes ingredients because I HATE to plan and Uber alway picks the more complicated meals when we are in the middle of the store trying to shop for the weeks food. I hate getting home and finding out I forgot the one important ingredient...

Alright I am off. I have one more post on the early xmas gifts coming up!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And the winner is......

But first, a bit of advice, when sewing with minky, try not to breathe, swallow, blink or wear fleece. Do not drink coffee, tea or any beverage without a lid. Sewing outside might be wise, then minky fuzz can be free. Sneak peek at the minky project....

I managed to not complete one single project yesterday. Quite an accomplishment.....

Sneak peek at another project.
Anyway, thanks for being so kind and for wanting Stuart! You know who said I should just make each one of you a snail. He just has no idea.....

It was fun having a couple of new people pop in, especially Joan! Joan should start a cooking blog. It's something she's very good at. There are other things she is good at too, but the cooking, oh my.
Speaking of which...... The winner is in fact the afore mentioned Joan! Stuart will be on his way too you soon.
That was really fun, maybe I'll do it again sometime...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pillow Love

I can finally show you what I have been working!! It has been SO hard to not show you all!

They're early Christmas presents since I am seeing everyone for Thanksgiving. Of course I wanted to see people open their gifts so I made them open them early!

This is a design I am absolutely THRILLED about! I love love LOVE IT! I had to come up with something new and extra special because my aunt already has two of my pillowcases. It took me a while to figure it out and get it all drawn up but I think it turned out well! I am tempted to list everything I love about the design but it would be ridiculous because it would be everything....all right--- but the EGGS... and the BIRDS...FLYING!!!

Cardinals for the Grandma (by request) I am really enjoying the flying birds! Can you tell? It's a new theme... I love doing cardinals and blue jays... their head and chest feathers are scrumptious! Hopefully it is the perfect blue ribbon!

For my cousin I went with a butterfly (since she is apparently VERY fond of them) This one took me a while to put together ... and to keep symetrical!!! But I am thrilled with it. Though it will probably be the only one ... ever... hahaha

Ubers mom loves hummingbirds. I had alot of fun with this one I love the feeder and the tiny bird sitting on the branch he looks like he is hiding!

See I have been productive!! There is more to show you - check back later! I am having a great time on the trip.
And just to let you in on a little fun going on somewhere else. My Mum just had her 100th post and she is giving away something TOTALLY adorable - Check it out!!!