Monday, November 19, 2012

Super MAC

 Uber and my Dad had Micah wearing one of Bella's bibs as a cape a few weeks back. So I thought I would make Micah his very own cape... since a used bib seems a slightly gross way to be a super hero. 

I had pinned a super hero cape at some point that used t-shirts (I don't have time to find it and link to it at the moment) I didn't check the link out other then seeing it- so I am not really sure if there was a tutorial or not. I just made my own up and it was simple enough. I decided to go reversible. 

 Which actually made it super simple because you have no seems to hide. 
The M and MAC I just printed up in publisher and then used steamaseam to hold it in place while I zigzagged it on. 
Super simple, quick and hopefully will one day be fun for him. At the moment wearing it seems to be close to torturous... not sure what the deal is... I think he may be feeling more villain then hero- ha!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Crochet Needle Case

Another thank you gift. This one is super, super late... I made it for the cousin who makes each of us our Christmas stockings
I looked at different tutorials around online-  I am not a crocheter and really had no idea where to begin. I ended up modifying this pattern 
I changed up the dimensions and added a top flap so that hopefully nothing will fall out. 
I raided Moms needle stash for the picture- I guess I need to make her one next!
It's nice to get stuff off of my to do list!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Knit Bandana Bib

Is there ever something you want to do, you think about it for awhile and no solution comes? Then one day you may be doing something you think is totally unrelated, the answer is there and you actually say AH HA out loud to yourself?

Our Bella drools. A. Lot. No worries, we still love her. She wore bibs all day but some were more for the time when she's eating, very cute but way too big. Some were a thin stretch terry that lasted for about three seconds before being soaked through, they weren't cute and they weren't functional.

I started seeing bib bandannas around blog-land and thought that would be a super solution and with all the different fabric choices, they would be cute. Then my next thought was, they will NOT contain the drool. Fast forward a couple of weeks later when I was trying out a new knit wash-cloth pattern. It's started on point and when I was halfway through, I had my ah-ha moment. I finished it off as a triangle, put some velcro on as the closure and when Bella showed up the next day, put it on her. She wore it all day. The bib was wet, her clothes were dry. A serious success! (Can you tell I'm a wee bit proud?) She now has several in different colors to match her clothes. They still cover some of the cuteness that Jess dresses her in but, at least they look like an accessory instead of screaming baby bib.

It's been several weeks since she started wearing them and they really do work. Since they are knit and with the direction of the knit they stretch and move with her. She doesn't mind wearing them, so apparently they are comfortable.

If you knit, these are simple. You already know better than I do how to make these. If you don't knit, and you want one, I will be putting them up in the shop soon. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Needle Book

A lovely woman that we know from church recently took the time to show Mum and I a new skill. One that we have always wanted to learn and are very excited.  I am really hoping we can practice it more soon so we can show you how bad we are at it! Well me- I think Mom is actually going to be really good at it. We just both have other projects we are in the process of finishing up so we can have time for this one. 
But regardless of how slow we are at working on the skill I wanted to make a thank you gift. We really appreciate people giving their time up to show us things.  

 While we were visiting she mentioned her abundance of needles all scattered about. And Mom mentioned a needle book to her and she seemed interested, so I decided a needle book would be a useful gift. I find it so hard to make and give people things- I want them to be useful for the person. Not something they are going to be trying to figure out what on earth they will do with. Especially when you don't know them that well. 

I am beyond happy with the way it turned out. I made it differently then my last ones (make me want to make myself another one!) 
It's larger- about 6.5 x 4 inches and I added a button closure. 

 This one has felt pages with the most common needles embroidered and attached at the top of each page. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Everyday Bag #2

I liked my first one so much I made a second. 

This time out of a linen from Joann's' that I found in remnant bin. 

I switched up the design a little so the process was faster... but I still found a couple of places I wish I had done differently. I may still add leather to the straps on this one. I really liked that feature but I just didn't get to it. 

I love that they are so simple. I get a TON of use out of them as I load them up with extra stuff that isn't needed in the diaper bag but still needs to be available to me when we are out for the whole day or on our way to Mom and Dad's. That is the one thing I wont miss about small children the diaper bag is at least 15 pounds and I can't figure out what to leave out to make it lighter!

I can't believe we are already this far into November! Where is the time going?!