Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Everyday Bag

The last time we were in California I borrowed and then kept a tote bag that Ubers Mom had. It was a free with purchase deal from Elizabeth Arden. It was the perfect size for loading up when we needed more then would fit in the diaper bag (which is almost always). It was bright and cheerful, I received a lot of compliments on it (what does that say about me?! I only get compliments on free things I stole from other people?! Never mind don't bother answering that....lol....)
Well it finally bit the dust... So I cut it apart and made myself a new one just like it... only boring... 

But that is ok because even though the red one made me happy I absolutely adore this version.

I added leather detailing.
And hid the awesome cheerful fabric inside just for me. 
I love seeing it hanging in my entry way. And bonus it is even more comfortable then the original.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dress For My Mom

So my mom came to visit. We only had her here for three weeks and I had to work, but I did get to accomplish one of her requests. She wanted this purple tank turned into a dress. Actually, she wanted me to show her how to do this, so I guess I only fulfilled half of her request. I kinda took over an ran with it. You've probably seen these dresses other places. I made one way back in 2010 that I still wear. Most just call for cutting the tank, gathering your fabric and sewing it on. Most people wear a belt or sash to give it a more fitted look because otherwise, frankly, it looks a bit droopy. To prevent that and yet make it comfortable I went back to an old favorite, elastic thread. I think I did 4 or 5 rows. Now it can be worn as is or Mom can throw on a belt for a second look. I chose a very bold print in a rayon challis that flows beautifully and feels great.
I was so down to the wire on this one, I only got one non blurry photo and no close ups.
 Hope it hasn't fallen apart Mom!
Love you!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Girl Stuff

There are a lot of dresses in the queue for our Isabella. 
This fabric decided to be another Simplicity 4243. I made the first one in a 3-6 month size and she is wearing it now. She is quickly growing out of it. She's our little big girl.
The fabric is Weekend Lollies in Peach by Erin McMorris. 
The trim is a jumbo rick-rack from Joann, in raspberry. 
I decided to go with a button closure instead of a zipper and I made my own bias tape for the arm openings.
By the time she wears this, she should be running around on her own. Guess I should make something smaller next time....

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Toy Bags

Seriously there has to be a point where you have too many bags... Unfortunately (fortunately?!) I have not reached that point yet... 
Bags for Isabella- even added cute initials! Does she have toys yet that need bags? Nope! But I am sure she will soon and I am trying to use up a bunch of small quantity scrap fabric... 
These also make the BEST gift wrap. Here's a smaller version for a recent birthday party. I love gift wrap I just hate paying for it... so if I have time/fabric most gifts get a bag made now...

Because what kid doesn't need a bag?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Around The Garden

I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything from around my yard. So, here's a fairly quiet look at some of the random wildlife I find interesting. On a day like this where we seem to take a bit more time to reflect, I have tried to dwell on how blessed I am to have a beautiful place to call home.

Mom, this is not a monarch, it is a queen. I had no idea.
Check out some other garden-y things over at Sidewalk Shoes Garden Tuesday.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Serger love

Mom finally bought a serger a while back- and I just recently started using it- AWESOMENESS people! If you love to sew you must get one! 

So mom made this little zippered pouch for me. Love the deconstructed Anthro vibe and the crystal pull.

So I decided to copy it! I still hadn't made anything for Bella's diapers so I ended up whipping together a fun matching bag. I made up the pattern as I went but it's based off of one Jennifer made  for Micah which I still love and am using! I made it larger  - it takes about 7 small diapers. (we can be out all day sometimes so I usually carry that many around to be safe!).  I did the same exposed seams. It is lined and to far it's holding up very well!

Can't wait to show you my next serger project! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Loving my silhouette

Mum bought me a silhouette for Christmas - I am thinking I may of mentioned this before- but just in case I didn't it was an awesome gift! 
I bought the designer program for it and then proceeded to never find time to sit down and figure it out. It was one of those blocks that after a year of thinking of all of these awesome things I could make I couldn't come up with anything once I had it.  So while Grandma was here she wanted to see what it could do so.... No better way to figure something out then to have someone sitting there waiting on you to do it! 
Seriously it's ridiculously easy! I haven't figured it all out yet but I was able to turn all of my fabric graphics into cut-able files-and then make garland... lots of garland!

So we made this garland for my cousin who is a teacher. 

And then we made this garland for my aunt who loves bears and blue... well at least I hope she does.... I need to get paper to make one of these for our house! 

And then Grandma wanted hummingbirds so I made up a graphic for that... SO ADDICTIVE!

I may have a cutting problem now! More projects to show you as soon as I get them photographed!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dresses for Bella

My Granddaughter is a cutie. She is three and a half months old. She loves talking and will wait for you to look at her, so she has your undivided attention, for a chat. Sometimes when she's very sleepy she will "sing" herself to sleep. It makes me laugh.
It's a good thing I started early on dresses for her because time flies and it's just hard to find moments for everything. Does that ever happen to you?
This of course is the hopscotch shirt pattern by Oliver + S. I was able to get all three of the smallest sizes from a yard of fabric. We got this Michael Miller knit from fabric.com. Thank goodness Jess is happy about having the same dress/top for Bella. They are just that cute an comfy for her.
I finished these with my serger and used a double needle for the hems.
Here she is modelling the smallest size. We were having a serious chat, as you can see.
Below is the smallest of the first trio I made. I made a bit long and she has already gotten so much taller!
I seriously could watch her for hours.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Albums Updated

There are lots of new photos in Micah and Isabella's Albums for anyone interested.
Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!