Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feels like winter

For those out there waiting for this, it's heavy, it's wet, but it is snow.... For those who can't be here, I miss you! I don't think I am ready for the cold........

Monday, October 27, 2008

It was no big deal......

That's what he said, this man..... the one that is my son. He was just doing his job, it could have been worse. It could have, but it wasn't and I have spent the whole weekend being really happy and grateful. Blessed that all my children are alive and well. So big deal or not, all is well in my world. Thanks to everyone who have all along kept him in your thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blue Angels

We were invited out to watch the Blue Angels this weekend by friends who have a boat, they like to go out and watch it when it is at NAS JAX every other year. We had been wanting to go but didn't want to deal with the ridiculous amounts of people on base so we were thrilled to get the chance to see it especially from the water. The tide was VERY HIGH and there was some very large debris in the water, it was overcast and the water was choppy which made it really hard to see. I say all this to say we hit a piece, a very large piece, ok so maybe it was a partially submerged tree... uhh yeah ummm... talk about something that makes you nervous!!! The coast guard boat happened to be going by so we flagged them down just to make sure we weren't sinking... so here is your picture of the cute coast guard... I was bummed I didn't get a closer shot because they were much closer while were were making sure the boat was ok. I thought it might be rude to take their pictures while they were doing that... hahaha....oh yeah we weren't sinking, incase you were worried.

On to the main event, which was actually last but I wanted to show it first because man these guys are AWESOME!!

The next few shots are sequential

I like to zoom this one in and look at the little bobble heads. I only have a point and shoot camera so you can imagine how close these guys were... it was slightly ridiculous...and loud.

They had a mock battle which was really fun to watch especially since I didn't know it was going to happen and things started exploding! We don't know what the cirle smoke ring was from but it looked really neat!

The heritage flight ...apparently the bird felt it should have a part in this.

Just because I like flags. Don't you?
Here we are! Lovely picture huh? Goobers

They are very sick of me taking pictures!!! I mean really can she put that thing away? (I took roughly 350 photos in a few hours...) These are some of the greatest people by the way.

I love how close birds fly by when you out on the water... as long as there is no poop involved!

This is downtown Jacksonville. The St Johns river runs right through it.
The Main Street bridge up for boats to pass though. You can see the Jaguars stadium directly behind them. I work on the right side of this bridge directly across the river from the stadium.

A pretty sail boat. I took this while we were flying down the river...

The perfect picture to end the day.

Hope you enjoyed the day... don't you just feel like you were there?

Sorry for the absence...

My goodness what a week! Sorry I have been MIA! And that I haven't been doing any commenting (I read everything people I swear!) I've been having computer issues and Vista and I are no longer BFF's. I should be back now though just minus a few weeks of mostly unrecoverable files... and yes I do backup however someone didn't tell me I needed to... I forgive him though because it really is Vista's fault... well not the lost files just the whole crashing part.
I have been crafting but I cant show some of it for a while because it is for people and I want it to be a suprise... I am sure this is a problem for everyone as christmas is getting closer! Anyway here is something I can show you.
I collected city pens for my funny german hat (what are those things called) when I was growing up and I wanted some way to display the ones that I still have (mom have you found anymore of these I know I used to have more). I love my header photo which my mom took in Austria this last summer so I decided to use it for a back drop for my pins.

It's not a perfect copy of the picture but you get the gist. I had alot of fun doing this it is actually 3d there are 7 layers of felt that build the picture. Which is why the shadows are so bad in the picture.

The box is from the Michael's Martha Stewart line. I got a bunch of them on clearance so you will be seeing some more projects with these in them. (If I can think stuff up)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just for fun

I came across a website for Cosmo Cricket. I have always thought this was a cool name and wondered how they came up with it. They are a husband and wife team and it's an anagram of the husband's name. So they linked to this site. I thought since someday I might get to have a business of my own, it could work for me too..... Well, you all know my name is long, there were a lot to choose from. Sadly, I don't think any will work. Here are just a few of my favorites.
A Lacerated Minor Inn
A Radiance Inlet Morn
A Manacled Inner Riot
A Caldera Tern Minion
A Dramatic Inner Lone
A American Trod Linen
Now you try it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

He's such a hoot...

Here is the owl pillow... finally completed

I let his feet show more this time which I am totally digging...and don't even get me started on those feathers. This was my original plan for the feathers last time and I chickened out... I definitely think they are an improvement though. He's a little more subdued then I was originally thinking but he IS an owl so I think that is ok.

still digging the tree branch and leafs. Sorry about the lighting the sun was going down...

By the way I am keeping this one!

Oh and here is a picture I forgot to show you the other day. Aslan is getting ready for Halloween... can you believe it is next Friday? My goodness where has the time gone? It will be Thanksgiving before we know it!

I am off to work on a new sketch... wish me luck!

**check out these things I am loving bird pottery and this adorable silhouette plate. Gorgeous stuff. The Silhouette plate totally made me have this FABULOUS idea (even if I do say so myself) so here is the idea would it not be so awesome for your holiday dinner to replace name cards at the table with a custom silhouette plate of each person in your family? no names on the plate just each persons silhouette... agh! I totally want to do this! Has anyone already thought of this and I am to late? (if not I totally copy right this © JMC Creations 2008..that totally makes it official right? anyone want to buy the idea? Martha?)

My pottery

Pottery painting Friday night was fun. More so when I saw the final results today. I got the idea from some expensive cups I saw and wanted, but couldn't justify. I love em. They are for those late afternoon espressos I shouldn't be drinking.....
Can't seem to stop with the bird theme. I really like birds. This bowl turned out better than I thought it could! It had been so long since I did the plate for my sister, I practiced first on a sushi plate. The bowl really turned out a lot better. Doing things that you're not comfortable with helps keep you young, right?

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I love this word. It's a feeling, as close as I can translate (correct me please if I am wrong), of coziness, warmth, friendship or friendliness. It pretty much permeated my whole weekend.

It started Friday night. I have no pictures because I was having fun in the moment. There were quite a few of us at the shop doing some late night sewing and painting pottery. It is so much fun to get together with old friends and potential new friends to share in common interests.

Saturday, the man and I were quite lazy. In the evening I allowed him to take me out to one of my favorite restaurants. The Wildpfadstueble (the old Busnauer Hof) is a wonderful place to go and relax for a bit. Marion and Detlef are a warm couple and most of the time you feel as if you have been invited into their home. Detlef is an extraordinary chef, I have never been dissappointed and I have had everything on the menu. Pictured below is some apple kuchen he made. If I hadn't already eaten too much, I would have asked for another piece. It is almost better than his tiramisu..... hmmm, I need tiramisu....

Sunday was equally as relaxing with an afternoon drive to Esslingen to see a quilt show. The Log Cabin Ladies got together and made all of these quilts for the SOS kinderdorf. It's a place for children in need. The quilts were wonderful and each was made for a specific child with their likes taken into consideration. I love the generosity and care that went into each of these works. The pictures on the top left are the front and back of one quilt, amazing. I wish I could show you each quilt, but you get an idea of all the effort that went into this kind act.

After leaving the quilt show, we took the long way home partly on the weinstrasse. You know who was very kind and when I squealed, "I wanna stop here!!!" obligingly did so. He didn't even mind when I climbed down the embankment, in my heels, like a crazy person. Of all the days to wear heels. Hope you like the pictures....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A fun day to get the mail

I saw this fabric at quilt market. A really nice person told me she could send me some. It has tons of texture and I hope each will eventually be a great peice of clothing. I already have something/someone in mind for the middle one.... what do you think Jess? My sis and mom sent me a box, just because. I love boxes like that. Mom sent me a beautiful pair of earrings. Try as I might I could not get a good photo of them. Have I told you it's dark in here? Love them mom! My family knows I have feet issues, so when Sher tried this, she knew I would love it and I do! This was just a great way to start the day! My feet are ready to walk the shop....

It seriously feels like cream of wheat........