Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Who knew...

Who knew pattern sewing was not as hard as I thought it would be... I have actually ventured into it a few times recently (additional project pictures to follow soon I hope) 
The pattern is the popular Hopscotch dress by Oliver and S 

The blue one was worn about a hundred times before I got around to taking a picture. The green one was my second attempt and I borrowed Mums serger.
I made them in the 12-18 size and they fit Bella perfectly now (8 months) the arms are just a little long. 
She is growing up so quickly that I can barely remember her small. 
She finally has a second tooth coming in (as of last Sunday) and though she managed it a few times before, today is the first time that I feel she has truly grasped the forward motion crawling. It's very goofy, she kind of drags and hoists herself forward. She of course screams at you the whole time because she knows you could just give her what she wants with out all the exercise and that makes her so angry.  Hoping my chunky monkey will thin out just enough that her shorts stop cutting of circulation to her legs (you think I kid)
Don't get me wrong though I love every bit of this chunky girl and her fat cheeks. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Goliath... because we do nothing half way

So back in October Mum taught the preschool age group at church and she wanted to make a life sized Goliath... Well she wanted a Goliath I am not sure that she actually asked for it to be life size... I tend to hear what I want to hear... and do what I want to do... 
So we ended up using canvas that I happened to have in my stash and a projector that we borrowed to blow up a Goliath image that I found on the internet, to help us get a general idea of a giants dimensions. 
image belongs to (click image for link)

Then we altered the drawing to our liking and we all picked different spots and started painting. We found a few other images to help with inspiration on things like the outfit and scary giant face. 

And here he is hanging in the room... he is of course to large for the room so his head had to go up on the ceiling. The kids seemed to appreciate the effort ... especially since Mum brought in slings and foam rocks for them to try their hand at... 

I've been spending a lot of time working on the resource room at our building. I really should probably have blogged about the process because hopefully it will be awesome in the end as it is a relatively decent sized room that will hopefully soon be a one stop shop for our teachers to create activities that will help them teach kids about God and the Bible. It may not be interesting to everyone from that stand point but maybe from a craft room standpoint it will have some interest?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Around The Worldy, Worldy

In my efforts to use what I have, I unearthed a charm pack of Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow. Then I decided to try my hand at a values quilt. Around the world style.
I really love it. Since it was a charm pack it was pretty small so I finished it off with some blue Kona on two sides. It's a great size for a stroller quilt, or for a sweet babe to drag around. It could even be a nice wall hanging. 
The back is finished off in blue Kona and some of the extra blocks. Not so perfect diagonal quilting lines and a hand sewn binding finish things off.
I think this qualifies as my first quilt finish for 2013.
It'll be up for sale in the shop.... Unless I decided I need it for my wall...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Right before Christmas I pinned this tutorial from Craftpassion. She said she was inspired by rice dumplings her mom makes. The pattern was so fun and simple I was inspired to make.... a few. 
These aren't all I made. I may have been accused of becoming a bit obsessed.  
Can you blame me? They're just so cute.

These weren't all I made. Some found new homes before I could take their pictures. 
If you're looking for an easy small storage solution or a gift for someone special, try these. Be careful though, dumplings can be addictive.