Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival 2013

My apologies to those of you who are tired of this quilt..... When Jess and I finished it, I had no idea that the Blogger's Quilt Festival  by Amy's Creative Side was just around the corner. It is so fun to see all of the amazing quilts people make! I've always wanted to participate, yet always manage to forget. This quilt is the one that made me go ahead and jump in. 
  For the long version, you can read more here.  The short version is, this was made in four very long days of sewing, for a special couple who are going through a tough time. We needed to send them a hug.
My daughter and I started piecing with no set plan other than ROYGBIV and the lyrics we would applique.
It measures 60 x 60 and is perfect for two to snuggle in. We backed it in a lovely herringbone flannel  from Joann, binding and applique are black Kona cotton, pieced and quilted with Aurifil thread, and we used Nature's Touch by Pellon for the batting. 
We love this quilt so much and are so glad to have been able to make it and send it to such a sweet couple. 
I have entered this into the ROYGBIV category. If you haven't already, go look, there are some amazing quilts there.
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

When a Quilt is Like a Hug

About two and a half months ago a sweet young couple, Andrew and Sharria got married. Six weeks later they found out that Andrew was very ill. When Jess and I heard about this, we felt pretty heart broken. We've known this family longer than My Guy and I have been married.  
The day after we found out, I read Sharria's FB post, she said she had been singing this children's Bible class song to herself. 
Then I couldn't get the song out of my head. 
The next day, I told Jess we needed to make them a quilt. 
She said of course. 
For the next four days we worked and it was pretty awesome. I don't like to be too publicly emotional about things but, this was, for me, a prayer vigil for this couple. Jess and I wanted them to have something tangible to hold onto while they are going through this time, something to help them remember there are a lot of people praying.
Jess and I knew we wanted a scrappy rainbow quilt. Rainbows are hope and promise.
 We were inspired by this quilt at crazy mom quilts.
 I knew I wanted the lyrics appliqued on the quilt and even though Jess thought I was a bit crazy for choosing to applique it, she went along with it and cut the all letters out for me. 
 I cannot tell you how much we both adore this quilt. How happy it made us to send it off in time for their journey. How much we hope they continue to feel the love we sewed into this.
 Because quilting is a community thing, I have scraps from friends. These are a couple of scraps I really enjoyed using in the quilt. Thanks ladies.
 Jessica found a lovely herringbone flannel at Joann. We did simple wobbly organic straight line quilting. All of our piecing and quilting was done with Aurifil thread. 
 Andrew goes in for surgery today. If you have a moment please say a prayer for him, and his family.
If you'd like to read more about this couple you can go here to their Rally for Andrew page or here for their Face Book page.
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Bella's Birthday! ... Finally...

So 5 months later I am going to share Bella's party with you... 
I wanted a Fruhlings Fest theme... but people here wouldn't really get that so I just had that in the back of my mind with the decorations.

The invites. Oh dear I just LOVE them! 
A lovely girl who we met through worship took most of the photos. She is actually in the process of moving to New York so unfortunately I won't be able to continue to take advantage of her expertise. But you can check her out on Facebook here.
The party decorations turned out bright and festive. Just what I was hoping for. And the weather cooperated unlike on Micah's first birthday

 Fest cookies, a necessity for any party. 

I DIY'd the glitter letters. 
 and made a lot of Shot Cotton pennants 
 The pinata Beehive.... which may have been a little bit too well made....the bees are made of sculpey and painted. We removed them before destroying it. Instead of filling it with candy it was filled with confetti. Each kid received a cotton drawstring bag... which had bubbles, a squirt gun, a ball, and playdough. I tried come up with things that could be used up and purged easily when the parents were over it. 

 We went easy on the menu and just had Pulled Pork, fruit, baked beans, and cut vegetables. 

 Someone took the singing and cake much better then Micah. She never has minded attention! 
 I can't believe Bella is already one let alone almost one and a half now!