Friday, April 29, 2011

Picnic Quilt Planning

It's been lovely outside so I decided to take Micah out to splash around on the patio and while I was at it I started  planning a picnic quilt that I have been collecting fabric for. 
 I couldn't find an average size for a picnic blanket so I decided 100"x100" seemed like plenty of room, and it could be a layer on our bed in the winter. I wanted to keep the blocks large so here's what I came up with...
 I've been collecting yellow and green fabrics for a while. So I got to cutting and seeing what would fit where. It came together pretty quickly since there aren't that many pieces
 Unfortunately I REALLY underestimate the size of a roughly 100"x100" quilt.... just over 8'.... SAY WHAT? I now have to figure out what on earth I am going to back it in a how I am going to quilt it.... But at least it will fit on our queen bed in the event I never want to take something this large outside.... 
Hope you all have a good weekend... I may or may not be back next week... depends on if this quilt eats me for dinner

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Micah's Album

I've been spending time getting Micah's Album back up to date... apparently it had been a while since I worked on it. I created a new tab on the tool bar- some of you may already have noticed - it has most of the pages for you guys to see and I will try to continue to update it - though I will probably slack off and then play catch up again...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Simplicity Dress- modified

YEAH! My second dress is complete... after sitting around in my to do pile for weeks!
It's another Simplicity 2975
Mum of course supervised 
The fabric is Chestnut Hill Ironwork
Pockets were added 
and this time we modified the straps to have buttons ... for easy access
I really love it... 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lots of firsts-- Easter weekend

WARNING - Super long picture overload post for last weekend

We're going to work backwards... because Easter seems like it should come first!
I was totally a slacker for Micah's first Easter I will probably be one of those Moms that goes a little over board on holidays but until he will really remember it I figure I will just save my energy. So the only reason we even dyed eggs was because Grandma remembered to buy stuff. 
Micah sucked on them-which covered his face in dye... oops! 
This is my favorite picture it reminds me of Smeagol on Lord of the Rings... my pretty!
He totally looks like he is dancing here.
Saturday was our first hang out at the beach day. We took Micah on his first Ferry ride it's all of about 5 minutes which to me seems like the perfect amount of time! 
 I don't know why he made the face in the picture above but it cracked us up- he was super happy as you can see below!
 Here's our little shark at the beach - Mum picked up a half tent that rocks! Micah is finally sitting up by himself - for short periods of time - he had just fallen over.
 This child has no fear he thought the water was awesome 

 His Dad even took him out an let him bob around (which made some of us a little nervous)
 But Micah will let you know if he's not down
 When he was thoroughly worn out he went up and napped with his Grandma. She is a good pillow. 
Friday night we went over to have out first dinner at Micah's Great Grandmas house. I don't think we've said anything about it but they just moved to the area. Micah has his own seat in the corner
 He loves visiting. Sadie (the dog) loves being pet - I have a video I will upload at some point to show you!
Can you believe that chin?!
Alright well I must get my day started! Hope you all enjoyed your weekends!

Not a Crafty Post

My house blog is gasping for breath. So, for those of you that don't like gardens I am sparing you the trouble. For those that do...... 
Click on the mushroom!

Morning In the Garden

One of my favorite times of the day.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Little Charm Quilt

The other day Jess said, "We should make some stroller quilts."
Then she made three.
With appliqué.
I managed to eek out one in twice the time!
 My challenge was to use fabric I had, and I did. Even down to the batting. Of course it's tiny, 35 x 35, so I'm not sure it should really count as fabric out...
Michael Miller Pod Pozy charm pack.
 Kaufman Kona chocolate border.
 Michael Miller Ta-Dot for the binding and back.
Sorry about the not so artistic sun spots. I wasn't in the mood for a do over. 
Next up is my gratuitous baby shot. Avert your eyes if you are tired of these........
Trying to capture golden baby lashes on a wiggly boy.

Butterfly Quilt

I may have to join a support group this baby size quilt is just so much fun to make. 
This one is 27"x27"
More Recess fabric but this time the back is Kona Cotton
Maybe I am done... maybe I'm not... 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Giraffe Quilt

Wait there's two?! Yes I am on a role... Another crib quilt size 35"x 28" 
I LOVE this one (the elephant one is everyone else's favorite) The elephant and giraffe are actually graphics from the fabric that I made that I still haven't ordered...
The front is linen and Recess by American Jane for Moda and the back is some of the new Denyse Schmidt line. 
It's also in the shop