Monday, August 25, 2014

Safari Mobile

Baby gifts have got to be my all time favorite thing to make. There is just nothing as fun as creating things for new little people. I might go a bit overboard. But I was so excited about Parker I couldn't help myself...  

Parkers room is safari themed - I will have to find out if I can show you pictures of his room- its adorable!

These were supposed to be about 1/2 the size they ended up being.... that's what happened when you make the smallest animal first and want them all to be to scale. 

and by scale I mean the giraffe and elephant are babies and the rest are adults...

They are each needle felted from wool roving. The giraffe was around maybe 7 inches.  

I kind of want to keep every mobile I make. But I am pretty sure matt would put his foot down... and it would be sad if Parker didn't have a mobile! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Another favorite blanket- animal style

So I finally found the gifts I talked about in this post. (hope you weren't holding your breath!)

Parker's Aunt wanted a blanket made for  him so she asked me to create it. I recommended one of my kids all time favorites - a whole cloth, minky backed blanket. The kids love them, they are super soft and can take a bajillion washings.  

Now you know I love pieced quilts BUT if you are wanting something custom made for you and are on a budget which in no way means cheap.. don't get me wrong... minky is involved! I think these are fantastic. And seriously the kids all time favorite to snuggle up with... not that you are allowed to touch any of their other blankets... Bella will cut you!

I quilted a zigzag to follow the fabrics zigzags  and it turned out perfectly. 
If you didn't notice I appliqu├ęd the same animals I made for the invite onto the quilt. 

The left over fabric turned into a bag -- because we all know I can't help myself  when it comes to bags! 

I will try to get my gift up on the blog soon.... I have finally taken the time to dig up the last years worth of crafting and I am trying to get it sorted to show to you- I hope you will enjoy it there is a lot of really good stuff! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

A whole lot of animals... and +'s

This blog slacking is no joke. We have so many projects...they are even photographed- why can't we get our stuff together? 

I wanted to use up the remainder of my printed spoonflower fabric. This last year for me has been one of finally use up all those supplies I have been hoarding (remember this is me talking not mom... she has no such goals in mind - lol) 
 So this quilt is definitely bright and fun and outside of my normal choices. But I love it and hopefully it will make some little boy very happy. 
 Diagonal quilting is my new go to. 

It's up in the etsy shop waiting for it's new home!