Thursday, July 29, 2010

Did you think I would give up on the deer head?

Back on the inspiration board I posted for the nursery I had a deer head that zgalleries carries, unfortunately when I saw it in person the fantastic price showed in the quality of the item.... total let down (I love zgalleries though so no hard feelings)
I went through a bunch of ideas on how to make one and couldn't find a solution that I was sure I would be happy with -then I saw this nursery post and knew that was it. She actually got hers from here (there are none currently for sale). I of course decided to just make mine...
I finally sat down and got started today. I was amazed it didn't take me long I started working on it this morning and finished up this evening. That included a bunch of breaks and a trip out to Michael's to get the things I didn't have on hand.... I wish all projects went this quickly...and smoothly! So the pictures aren't the best but I just had to share tonight so you'll have to deal until later. It isn't even hanging in the nursery so the walls are totally the wrong color- I think she will look a lot better on a light blue wall!
It is in fact a doe... Uber says he doesn't mind so I am not going to worry about it! I probably could have added antlers but I really liked it without them!
She's a little bit snotty in expression but that just makes me laugh...

Her body is linen (big surprise) and the inside of her ears are a duponi silk. Almost everything on her is stuff I already had on hand I only spent $15 to make her. The most expensive thing was her nose... I went ahead and used a leather scrap... I probably should have just used felt but oh well!
Her eyelashes crack me up...
The plaque is Gun Metal Gray.
I LOVE ribbon... I hope it doesn't make it look too girly I just could not pass up the beautiful peacock blue ribbon when I saw it. All of the ribbon reminds me of a military uniform
I am really excited about the way it turned out. I hadn't made a stuffed animal before and was a little nervous about totally making up the pattern but I have to say it was super simple.
Hopefully I will be able to show you more of the nursery in the next month... no promises though... it's kind of boring at this point I have a lot of things done but not enough to be interesting. I will continue to show you the projects I do complete which will start giving you sneak peaks at different parts of the room...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Custom Kitchen Aid Cover

Because it's one of the things I've been up to... here's a peak at a Kitchen Aid cover I just finished- it's already on it's way to it's owner! Love that!

And I am super happy to say that I FINALLY wrote the pattern and tutorial for this! So as soon as it is proofed I will be putting it up in the shop!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baby MAC's Growth Folio... Maybe

I still haven't decided if I will be keeping this chart or making an embroidered version like this. But since I just completed it I figured I would show it to you! It has all of Uber's favorite picks on it.
This picture is terrible-- I just don't have the energy to retake it! But it gives you the general idea....
Close ups--
I so want this guy for real! He looks so squeezable!

Along with something new he requested! Who doesn't like woodpeckers?

Anyway I will let you know if I decide to put it in the shop... For now it's going to sit up in the nursery!

Button, Button

Anyone else out there button crazy like me? When I found them I tried to act casual. I started poking them with my finger, looking through them which must have made the man selling think I wanted only a couple?? He broke it to me that they were sold by the jar full… Hmmmmm, well, ok, if you insist…..

I'll take both!

Sorting them is the hard part. Maybe they'll just have to sit on the shelf in their cute jars instead.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby MAC's Quilt

I finished this up Friday afternoon and I am SOOOO happy to have it completed!
Linen and shirting fabric make up the patchwork on the front
The back is baby wale corduroy in brown with blue polka-dots, so soft and yummy!
The 3 Sea Turtles are appliqued and then hand embroidered.
The quilting is just two alternating blue heavy duty embroidery floss running stitches spaced about an inch apart. I love the look this gives the quilt.

I had SO much fun making up the design (not the quilt pattern or anything I know that's been done...haha) and putting the quilt together. Though I definitely wont be doing another one for a while!
The Nursery isn't going to be turtle themed though. Hopefully I will be showing you more of that project soon! Meanwhile you get bits and pieces!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sophia Trench Coat

Have you ever made your husband turn the car around, park, cross a street and help you climb a fountain? No? Um, yeah, me neither……

The pattern is from Serindipity Studios. I used a black chambray by Kaufman Fabrics, with a bit of Basic Grey's Figgy Pudding for Moda as a fun surprise on the inside.

Next time there must be pockets.

Friday, July 23, 2010

My Girl

I think this was one of my favorites that I have made for her so far.
So glad it worked since I was winging it....
Is it wrong to love two things that you've made so very much?
Jess + dress = perfect!
I am NOT a doting mom....... ha ha.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shabby Daisy Designs

Completed logo number 2 for the week!!

I am so pleased with the way this one turned out! I did this for someone I went to high school with she will be opening up her Etsy store shortly...
Next up --hopefully-- will be baby MAC's completed quilt... hoping to have it done in the next day or so....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Where did the last six days go?

I've been very busy, kinda sick, really tired and not great at keeping track of things, like days and where they go.
Thanks to a few really nice people, Jan, Kelly, Jennifer and Sara, I have 220 more hexagons sewn up.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

LRC Designs

Another logo completed!
Just thought I would share. I will have another one to show you soon... I've been busy!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I've been busy making this
Into this
The shop is now restocked with garland... more than I ever planned to make! So hopefully I won't be doing this again any time soon!!
I added three new kinds this time too-

Also I made this Blueberry Loaf last night and I am in LOVE. It is so so so so good that the whole thing is almost gone, and it was a very large loaf. I even used frozen blueberries (well I had personally frozen them but still SOOOO good!) I am going to be adding a link to my recipe page so I never loss the link!