Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Garden Friends- Garden Tuesday

To those who are afraid of spiders..... I'm sorry. This spider is just too strange and wonderful not to share. 
She's called a spiny orb weaver. Some people call them crab spiders. You can see why. The are classified as beneficial spiders for the garden so she and/or her sisters got to live in the tree above the hammock.
I know she looks large here but she's barely as big as my fingernail.
Some of our other beneficial neighbors/residents are bats. This was the second of several we've found sleeping in our umbrella. I'd been wanting to make bat houses for them but now it seems unnecessary....
These guys are kinda cute and kinda scary, but I do like that they eat mosquitoes and gnats!
I never expected such a variety of "wildlife" in a city type yard.

I'm linking to Pam over at Sidewalk Shoes.


  1. What fun pictures! Don't mind spiders and bats (cultivate them here for my gardens), but snakes can find another home.

    Thanks for sharing! Hope your day is a good one!

  2. Great pictures and fun critters. Never saw a spider like that. And the bat is kinda cute.

    As long as critter are outside, I'm good. Had another baby snake in my house last night. Hate snakes, babies aren't as scary (about the size of a big worm) but still creeps me out. I do feel a bit guilty about vacuuming it up, but no way am I going to pick it up! There was a praying mantis sitting on my porch yesterday watching me through the window decorating my tree. Outside-good, inside-bad. I am loving your new blog....

  3. I love those crab-looking spiders! They're so neat. And too cool that you keep seeing bats, I think they're adorable. I'm another one that's totally cool with the critters, so long as they stay where they're supposed to. The only things I'll kill inside are the spiders, since I don't want them biting anyone. Otherwise we just find a way to escort them outside.

    Norma, next time you find a (non-venomous)snake in the house, try scooping it up in a bucket or something, then let it go outside. Most non-venomous snakes will do a lot to keep pests away from your house. (In Florida, the super-territorial black racer snakes will keep rattlesnakes away.) Then again, I am firmly of the opinion that snakes are super cool, and I like handling them.

  4. I've never seen those crab spiders!!! And I totally love that you have bats sleeping in your umbrella. I love bats.

  5. Wow! We get bats around here at night but they are very timid - they certainly wouldn't do this! Also here they are protected under law so you have to get special permission to do work in a house that has bats using it - even if it's about to fall down the bat's get priority!


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