Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dear Jess, Sorry I Forgot About Our Blog

Okay, I didn't just forget about our blog, I pretty much forgot about everyone's blog. I am sure no one was holding their breath for me to come back, but in the off chance you were, oops, sorry, I'm back. For the most part. While I've been MIA I have been doing things, not doing things, not noticing when things are done and working. The other day Jess and I decided to put aside everything we should be doing and play. I ended up making a quilt. She made two. She'll show her's to you later.

I've wanted to try and make a large log cabin block for a long time. After starting an all blue block, I had an ah-hah moment and decided on some Roy G Biv. This is one more project that is completely from things I had already in my stash. If I add up all the things that I've done and haven't shown you, I think I've gone through about 15 yards of fabric in the last month. It could be a bit more. I don't know whether to be proud or freaked out since my cupboard is not bare.

Anyway, enough, if I wear myself out with this one post I may never come back. Then Jess will probably stop making me cool labels that I don't notice and I really couldn't bear that. On to the pictures.
 Backed with Kona in yellow and bound with Kona in coal.
 Quilted in a square spiral starting from the middle and going down the middle of each "log".
I've put this one up for sale in the shop because, well, I guess you can have too many quilts. If it doesn't sell though, I won't be crushed because in my heart I believe, you really can't ever have too many quilts.


  1. Good to see you, and your creative quilt! I always smile at rainbow projects, this one is grand ~

  2. i was wondering what happen to you! Good to see you've been creating because we all know that that is how you keep sane!
    I loove this quilt concept! I like seeing blocks blown up or scaled down to tiny.

  3. Wow Corinnea, this is so beautiful! I can't believe how nonchalant you are about it. Like, "Oh i made a quilt. It might sell or it might not. No big deal." You know i'd be shouting from my windows: "Hey strangers from the street! Look at my freakin quilt!!! I BET YOU WANT IT BUT YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!!!" :) Your grandkids are going to treasure these things for ever!

  4. This quilt to sooo beautiful! Love the colors that you used, just makes me happy!

  5. It's so cool! I had to google Roy G Biv it was the second time in a week I'd come across the 'name' and I had no idea what it meant lol And of course 'welcome back!'

  6. It is beautiful. Love the colors. I can't believe how fast you put them together.


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