Friday, January 25, 2013

Around The Worldy, Worldy

In my efforts to use what I have, I unearthed a charm pack of Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow. Then I decided to try my hand at a values quilt. Around the world style.
I really love it. Since it was a charm pack it was pretty small so I finished it off with some blue Kona on two sides. It's a great size for a stroller quilt, or for a sweet babe to drag around. It could even be a nice wall hanging. 
The back is finished off in blue Kona and some of the extra blocks. Not so perfect diagonal quilting lines and a hand sewn binding finish things off.
I think this qualifies as my first quilt finish for 2013.
It'll be up for sale in the shop.... Unless I decided I need it for my wall...


  1. Gorgeous. I keep wanting to do an HST value quilt but the thought of trimming all the hst's keeps making me resist!

  2. How fun and the colors are so earthy! I love it!

  3. Nice! I still love that line so much! I like what you did with it!

  4. This is very cool! Love the border on it!

  5. Love the off-centeredness (is that a word?) of it!!!!!!

  6. You just whipped this up already in 2013? Its beautiful.

  7. You just whipped this up already in 2013? Its beautiful.


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