Sunday, May 5, 2013

Why Hello There!

We have not forgotten about you, though I would not blame you if the reverse is not true. Jess is busy with that little thing called running a household and raising kids. I...... I on the other hand, am just overwhelmed by the amount of things that have happened around here and I just don't know where to start. Problem is, I am not sure where I left off and what I have or haven't shown. If I go back and look though, I'll get distracted and put it off and then the cycle will start again. So, if I repeat anything forgive me. Especially if it wasn't interesting in the first place, HA!

Now I will begin at the end. This is the latest quilt I have finished. It. Takes. Me. So. Long. Seriously. I will start and then it will take me months to finish. So not proud of that. Way back last year during the holidays, some body on IG decided to start a Scrappy Trip Quilt Along. Normally I don't get sucked into stuff like that but I was vulnerable that day and hopped right in. I have a lot of scraps...... good news is, I have less now! This is for my babes. We play outside a lot and they need something to sit on. I backed it in some light canvas/twill that I have had forever. I can't say that I liked quilting through it but it will be durable for play out on the grass. It's also green which I figure will hide a multitude of grass stains.
 This is one of my favorite spots we've created. I'm sitting here, on this quilt, writing this post. I love being surrounded by things my guy has made for us to plant in. The brick wall keeps the plants warm through the winter so all of these plants survived even through the ridiculously-for-Florida low freezing temps.
 If you haven't heard of the Scrappy Trip  Quilt Along, a search will pull up tons of photos. I think it was an epidemic there for awhile.... Quiltville did a tutorial for a scrappy trip around the world quilt a few years back and I believe most people used her tutorial. You can find it here. It really is super simple and quick. I had the top put together in just a couple of days.
 I loved using all of my scraps, putting together fabrics that I would never use together otherwise. As you can see, instead of the trip around the world layout, I went with a zig-zag.
 Jessica, the kids and the grampa went to the beach one morning and these came home with them.
 We were eating pineapple last spring and I decided to throw the top into a pot of dirt. Who knew.
 I quilted this following the zig-zag pattern.
Thanks for stopping in!


  1. ooooh, I love it! All of those bright colors are perfect for the little ones!! So pretty. :)

  2. I love this quilt. It is wonderful and just perfect to sit with the kids. Great job! Your flowers are lovely. I just went today and bought some more for my backyard.

  3. Wow! scrappy trip along quilt is looking awesome. Love the chevron arrangement you did.

  4. That is a beautiful quilt. Love the bright colors.

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  6. I tried to comment but it doesn't seem to have saved. If this is a duplicate please delete!

    That is sooo beautiful! Are you still working on your charm hexies? I have fabric for you but wondered if you were still working on it. I'm growing from food scraps too. So far I've only been successful with garlic and green onions. Tough root veggies are all that will survive Germany! Haha!

  7. Really really really pretty! Love the spot and the quilt made of scraps. LOVE! JennyBean

  8. I love the quilt. How special it that for your grand babies! You are truly amazing. The planters, I love the way that area turned out, they are the perfect look. Too bad you all are not talented......

  9. Hooray for you! What a beautiful quilt! I love the quilting and color you chose for the back...and the reason why!

    I'm still working on mine, don't feel bad! LOL

    Glad to see you back and blogging!

  10. what a great little blanket for outside

  11. woah. Simple and quick - not the words I would've chosen to describe this quilt. I love it for it's prettiness and also for how much work went into it! all those teeny tiny squares!

  12. I LOVE your quilt. Never did get round to doing one. I was just thinking about you and Jess yesterday and wondering if you'd stopped blogging or I'd just missed your posts some how.

  13. What a wonderful spot to sit a spell and enjoy the beauty. The sea shell bloom is quite a treasure, as is your colorful quilt- It's all so inviting! I'm sorry I missed this when you first posted, dear Corinnea, but it is still worth appreciating ~


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