Monday, September 16, 2013

Fish are friends- not food!

Some of you may have already seen that I made fish... a whole lot of fish.... But I figured just in case I would pop in here and show them anyway. They were in the shop but they all found new homes already. 

 Micah and Bella kept one of them and they LOVE the thing. It eats all sorts of things that it shouldn't and regurgitates all sorts of things where they don't go so it can move on to eating other things... I actually don't plan to store anything permanently in it since they get such a kick out of choosing things for it to eat. 

I am actually working on a few more for a custom order. If I can get them photographed I will show you... it seems lately that most things go out without good photos taken...

here is an example
 The star quilt was purchased and 5 custom bags were sewn to match it.... this is the best photo I have! 
Bad Blogger. 

Hope you all are good! 


  1. Lovely makes. The fish bags are such a great idea!

  2. I love your friends :)) great idea, well done!

  3. You are forgiven for intermittent blogging because when you do blog it's always about awesome things!!! These are way cute!

  4. Hello Jessica,
    The bags are adorable! You're very creative and talented!
    Jessica, I also noticed that you’re a fan of Pinterest and used to link your projects to the Pinterest Challenge @ Bower Power. Would you be interested in linking your recent Pinterest-inspired projects on my blog OksanaPlusHobbies?
    Here is the Link Party which is going on right now:
    Thank you so very much. I'm your newest follower.

  5. Those fishy bags are awesome! Such a neat idea. I bet my girls would love them, too...Now I have to pummel my brain to figure out how you made them. :)


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