Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hey June!

A couple of weeks ago a new pattern by Adrianna of Crafterhours came out. The Lane Raglan was a style Jess and I have been looking for so when it was released, we grabbed it. We had some "free" time two Saturdays ago and I was determined to get one done for the both of us. 
 Because this is a lovely, and fairly simple pattern, we were successful. I had some knits hanging around that happened to have enough yardage. Jess being my classic girl chose the black which was a heavy jersey. I picked this deep blue that was more of a tissue knit. This is a fun example of how different knits react with the same pattern. 
Our shirts are very basic but this pattern gives you a lot of space to express yourself. If you go HERE you can see Adrianna's friends in her gorgeous examples.
 Then, since it was a Hey June kinda weekend, I made another Greenpoint Cardigan for miss Bella out of the leftover fabric from Jessica's shirt. I love this pattern. 
I pretty much love anything with a raglan sleeve..... 
This is my forth cardi in this pattern and I started a fifth this morning!
I found some perfect black flower buttons in my vintage stash and I just realized my only close up of those is on my IG feed.
By the way, if you're on instagram, we'd love to follow you. If you're not, try it, it's fun and that's were Jess and I post more day to day stuff. 
Miss Bella in the middle of our frost ravaged yard. 
Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. Your sewing skills are always amazing and I love that you make things, not just for you, but for your family too! Sweet pics!

  2. Love this post for so many reasons. Your tops look like one I would like; soft, loose fitting, pretty! Hmmm, do I have anything that could be a 'redo'? You continue to amaze me.

  3. The shirts look perfect! I do want to get better at knits one day... Clothes are on the back burner right now. Bella looks adorable in her little cardigan! That's my kind of girl!

  4. These tops are wonderful! I am in awe of your sewing skills,you do such a great job. The litle one is to cute in her cardigan.

  5. Great shirts, ladies, they look like a nice fit, too! Love your family shots, but that lil' Bella steals the heart ~

  6. This may just be your best post ever! ha, just kidding. You guys are the greatest - thanks for always supporting me! Little Bella is the cutest in her little cardigans!!


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