Sunday, April 27, 2008

Distracted by a sunny day.....

It was one of those gorgeous days. The kind where you either want to curl up in the sun and sleep like a cat or go wandering...... I was able to do a bit of both and still managed to be a bit constructive. My Dearly Beloved and I headed out to the Schwabenbrau, one of our favorite places for a sunny day. People watching there is just fun. The pictures are from an area we drive through. No, they don't do it justice. As for the constructive part of my day........ Hey Mom, here's your bag. Now, if I can just get it in the mail.......


  1. oh yeah, that's better out side- You can see the colors! you should take a photo of you in your apron outside! You do such a nice Job. bravo:) he he he..

  2. Its mine? Its really mine? Woo Hoo!! *doing the happy dance*

    Where was that sun when I was there!? Your photograhy is amazing, I just want to crawl into the picture and be there.

    Mail the package, mail the get the idea! I 'luv' you soooo much!

  3. Thanks to one and all!!! Yeah, Jennifer I am so clever. Gee, it's lighter OUTSIDE my house, maybe I should take it there!!! Yes Mom, it's yours. Now, what was I supposed to do????


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