Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I warned you!

I did! I admitted right up front that I was going to be terrible at this...... It's not that I haven't been creative, I have. I just haven't written about it. My mom arrived two weeks ago and we are still catching up on the everyday type stuff. This is harder to do since I am working. Good news is, she likes to come to work with me. She loves the people I work with and whenever I give her the chance she tries a new project. Pottery painting has been big this time. We took Kelly's class on Majolica style painting, lots of fun! We also did the ladies night out. What a hoot that was. She is still wondering what to do with a small ceramic bustier and shoe..... Today she tried out lamp working with Katelyn. She made two beads. I was impressed! They were good. My first was a bit lumpy..... Katelyn is a great teacher, very patient with good information. I finished a hat for Emily (one of my favorite small friends) you can she it here on her mom's blog. I have made more tiny flowers, Kelly and I sold some, you can see them on this site. I have made some dresses too. I used some of my favorite fabrics at the shop. I will try to post pictures one day...... really.... I mean it.

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