Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beautiful, gorgeous, wish you were here!

So the crew who worked the shop this beautiful Saturday told me I had better be out having some fun...... I was! My Dearly Beloved and I revisited a place we used to take our kids. Friends we met long ago introduced us to this place, but it has been a couple of years since we have been back. So now you will find out something you may not know about me, I love to fish. This was not easy to do here in Germany, until we started going to this private fishing area. I wasn't planning on fishing today but when I told my DB that I had, in fact, never caught a fish here, he insisted I try again..... I know this is not real sport fishing but, whatever, there is still a little thrill. OK, except when you hook one and the line breaks and you have to watch your bobber swim all over the pond, knowing there is a fish attached..... so anyway. The drive out there was beautiful, their ponds are located in the Black Forest (what's not to love about that) and the drive home anticipating a fresh fish dinner was great, until the skies opened up and poured before we got the chance to put the top up on the convertible.... even that was funny until a gigantic rain drop hit me in the eye...... ok, even that was funny.


  1. so cool Corinnea! Those photos are beautiful! Fishing is fun but I wouldn't eat it:) I'm so glad you got out and did something relaxing!

  2. oh, I love your new header!!!

  3. Is this the place where we all went years ago, where you conk the fish??? Kids still talk about that. Sounds like you had a really wonderful day, even with the raindrop incident!!!

  4. Ha ha! Yes, it's the place where you conk the fish. Glad the kids remember, they were so young!!


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