Sunday, July 13, 2008

Have fun without me.....

So, last Thursday my back decided to go out. I think maybe it's having fun somewhere without me and won't be coming back. There were so many things I was going to do.....


  1. Oh yuck! I am so sorry. I have done that only a couple of times, but one time Madison was one month old, little Michael was four years old, and big Michael was in Korea....UMMMMM Problem :) Anyway, I hope you feel better VERY soon.

  2. Hey lady, I hope you get well SOON! BTW, your daughter is so incredibly talented! I'm sure she gets it from you! Of course, I don't know your hubby. But really, I looked at her shop, and love all her new stuff! Have a good week, and I really hope you're feeling better! @-->-- :)

  3. Still bad huh? I'm sorry. Are you going to try to go see a massage therapist or the doctor? I hope you feel better really soon!

  4. I think it may be time you see a doctor. You can try to make an appt. with a house doc or go to the emergency room. Robert Bosch has a good er and Cecilia could drive you with her eyes closed. Please don't let your self suffer any more.


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