Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Something Simple

Yesterday, just before the shop closed, Jennifer and Katelyn were looking at a book we have been waiting for. There were some really cute ideas made up with yummy fabrics. None of the projects are very difficult or time consuming. This is something I love, because time is precious and I never seem to have enough but I crave making things. Ask my DB, I always have something going on.... (Oh and yes, that is my cluttered sewing table!) Sew anyway.... this was one of the simple yet cute projects and I told Jennifer I used to do that. I couldn't reist making one up this morning. They are easy and cute and if you have babies you never have enough. Hmm, I also used to make crib sheets out of flannel with little applique on them....


  1. it turned out perfect!! Sooooo cute! I might have to make some...

  2. I really like it! So simple and cute. Also a great way to teach binding!

  3. Very simple. Yeah, it could be a good way to teach binding. Making it and sewing it. I may do it with the double sided brown minky next..... blue bias tape, hmmmm.

  4. It is really cute and would be a GREAT gift for a baby shower. You know, maybe one or two of those, a bib like Jen makes, a hat like kelly makes. A whole handmade gift set...oh my wouldn't that be GREAT? I know that I would have loved something like that.


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