Friday, December 11, 2009

In the shop...

I have a few new covers that will be making their way into the shop. I have been playing with my graphics on the covers and this is the first one I can show you (you'll be seeing the other one soon...) My mum has been wanting me to use more of my graphic work on fabric so I am finally getting around to it!

Robert Kaufman lemon print on the inside. Love his fabric.
We are having a blast around here I have more to post about but haven't gotten any pictures yet.

Well I better get back to work we are having a stay at home in our pajamas and sew day.

Hope your having as much fun as us!


  1. Very cool! Say hi to your mom for me!

  2. Love the graphics!

    Ya'll stayed home and sewed? I stayed home and painted. Two rooms! But, sewing with your mom sounds like more fun...

  3. I love these covers. Really cool to use your stencil designs on them!


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