Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nice Surprise!

Shells on JAX beach

Sew Mama Sew is a wonderful resource for all things sewing and crafty. They have a blog, a store, a forum, a flickr page and a facebook page, among other things. This morning I had an email asking to use my wool Uptown Coat as an example of what you can do with that pattern. They put it on their Flickr page with a link to my blog, hoping to inspire people to purchase the pattern from their store.

Needless to say I am thrilled. It was a nice thing to have happen after a very, very long trip back home. A trip that went way too quickly. Separating me from people that I love so much.


  1. CONGRATS!!! That's is awesome:) LOVE LOVE LOVE the coat....

  2. I am SO excited for you! See how inspiring you are to others?! You have such awe inspiring talents!

    So, when do we get to see all the fun you had here?


  3. Wow you've hit the big-time! So fun!
    Congratulations - its a lovely pattern!

  4. Cuz your coats ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's awesome!!!!!

    I know you miss Jess, but I can't wait to see you! Are you in to the office tomorrow?

  5. Yeah! It's totally awesome. Come back now!

  6. That is so cool sis!!! See, you are as amazing as we have been telling you! Spread the love and make coats for all of us, it will make the time go faster! You'll be back in Florida before you know it!

  7. I am so proud of you and can only say, "see, I told you so!" You are an excellant seamstress!!! I want one too, just thought I would pass that on. luv ya

  8. It's about time you're recognized and show-cased!! You go girl:) I'm proud of you. I just bought the pattern..


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