Thursday, February 18, 2010

A quilt block

We have started our block of the month at the shop. I was able to finish my middle block last week. The quilt was designed just for us by Aby Dolinger. She and another amazing person Tina Reed have hugely helped me make this possible. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone's completed tops. Five months to go....


  1. I like the polka dotted fabirc!

  2. my mouth made a little round "o" and my eyes lit up!

    what a beautiful and happy quilt block!

    can't wait to see the others as they come along!

    thanks for sharing this!

  3. This is awesome Corinnea! It's going to be gorgeous!!

  4. Love the fabrics. :) You realize, of course, that you will now have to faithfully post all of your other blocks too, so that we can follow your BoM quilt journey. And you'll have to post the completed top when you've got the blocks put together. Aaaaaand again when it's quilted and bound.

    Because I say so. ^_^

  5. Ohhhh, Love the colors and this block is really cool :)

  6. Hate to be a kill joy, but you realize that one of the four patches is rotated the wrong way? Bottom left....

  7. Kimberly, this made me laugh! I didn't see it at first and I wonder how??? I took it to our meeting and proudly flourished it.... only to have one of those bless your heart moments! Part of me thinks I should keep it that way to remember humility is a virtue.

    Thanks for telling me!


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