Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm so lame...

Well if you are expecting a post full of exciting things that have been keeping me from being around here ... you will be sorely disappointed. I have nothing for you! I haven't been feeling well and my brother and my parents dog have been consuming all of my excess energy (not that that's been much... and I am pretty sure they wouldn't agree with me if you asked them)
Here's a few things from the last few weeks.
I bought a bunch of these shiny silver beads and decided to use them on a plain target v-neck that I never wear.
I think the problem is solved. The sparkle makes me want to wear it all the time. I have a few thousand more so we will see what else I decide needs some sparkle...
My etsy shop has been doing really well. Which I am incredibly thankful for... I just wish I had energy to make more things to restock it. I did however FINALLY get a few new things up in the shop today (it's all old to you it just took me FOREVER to get decent photographs). So there is now another owl pillow and the fish pillow is up. Also below is one of my barrel of monkey's onesies I had one ordered in red and I totally dig it so I made a second one for a friend who just had a baby.

We haven't been out to the beach much. Just a few quick trips because it is a little too cold right now. But here's a rather large jelly fish from a trip while some friends were here. Definatley the largest one I have seen on our beach... and here were a lot of them.

Beau and I took Brinkley for a short walk while Uber took a bike ride. We didn't let Brinkley off the leash since it was a little too cold for us to be be chasing him and getting wet... if he decided to be a crazy dog.

He won with beau though and yanked him a good ways out into the water...hahaha...

Other fun stuff if you haven't checked out my Aunts blog lately you need to. She is making some awesome stuff. She should be opening an Etsy store soon..... so cheer her on and maybe she will move faster!


  1. I really like the t-shirt. very very cute! and I'm so happy your shop is doing well:)

  2. Yup. Love the shirt make-over. Brilliant idea! The onesie is cute! My dil is talking about having a "jungle" motif for the baby's room. That onesie would fit in nicely with that. Hmmmmmm

    How fun to have Beau AND Brinkley with you! Looks as if Brink really enjoyed the water!! ;-)

  3. You're not lame, your just lazy!!! HAHAHAAHAHHA right..... 10 hours days, I think you have an excuse!

    Love the beaded shirt! Enough for one for me???

    Asking you to take Beau and Brinkley at the same time??? What was I thinking??? Mommy loves you!!!

  4. Your so not lame! What I want to know is where you found the time to bead a shirt while working 10 hour days? Can I sent you all my target t's to bead too????? Love the beach pics!

  5. BRINKLEY!!!!! I hope he is enjoying Florida. Mama and Papa must be so lonely. I bet Dad gets ZERO exercise these days. I can't wait to visit as soon as I can. I Brinks likes golf . . .


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