Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wedding Invites

I'm so excited to finally get to show these to you. This was my last graphics project before Micah was born.

I designed these custom wedding invites for the same young woman as the last posts shower invites. This is my first time creating wedding invitations (well other than my own) and I am so grateful to have been given the chance. Of course Savannah is one of the sweetest people so working on them with her was so fun it didn't even seem like work!
Her wedding colors are dark navy and light green, the wedding will have a little country flare to it.
She decided on a paisley design. I had so much fun collaborating with and drawing these for her!
As much as I love the paisley the map is probably my favorite part of the invite.
And last but not least a simple thank you note.
I am really hoping that once things settle more into a routine with Micah I will be able to get some of my invites up in the shop. I seem to be so slow with anything at the moment though who knows if it will ever happen!

Also I just wanted to say sorry that I am so slow with commenting on everyones blog- I am reading ...if I get the chance though most of the time I am commenting with one hand... which I have not mastered.


  1. Holy cow Jess! Those are A.MAZ.ING!!!! I love the paisley! I can't believe you drew that! Don't forget, when you're ready to sell I happen to know a graphics store that will gladly accept you! :)

  2. They're beautiful, nice job!

  3. Oh, those are gorgeous! I love the paisley, very nicely done!

  4. really cool! the map is my favorite too. I like the map for my wedding invites the best too!


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