Thursday, November 4, 2010

Someone's rolling over

One month old and he went and rolled himself over! I guess he is all grown up now... next week he'll be out getting a job!


  1. aw, my little 'heart' rolled over...........

  2. Oh my goodness, they are just growing up even faster these days! I'm jealous of the grandmas being there to witness these milestones!

  3. Ok, that is just insane!! Elora didn't roll over until about 5 months! Way to go, MAC!

  4. AW! So sweet! Tell him you're in no hurry to have him walk though. :)

  5. That's so awesome. Time will go by way to fast now.

  6. Wow! I really want to come see this little man! Also love the photos with Grandma on other blog. :)


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