Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Micah Update

Just a few pictures from the last few weeks... 

Micah is really loving kayaking he wants to help paddle the boat
We went to check out the beach the day after the storm went by ... we found quite a few big sharks teeth but nothing amazing. 
.....I think this is pretty self explanatory 
Someone likes ribs

And a video for everyone wanting to see him in action- this is not in anyway a super exciting video just a few clips of him doing his everyday stuff.

Micah 11 month video from jessica colvin on Vimeo.


  1. I LOVED the video! He is growing up SO quickly! I Adored the the ribs shots. So, did you put him in the pool? He sure was wearing a lot of sauce. lol ;-)

    Keep those MIcah videos coming!

  2. Lets see....love the dancing, walking, laughing, eating, rocking out dancing(he and great g-ma will have to dance, crawling, laughing, clapping, his voice...did I leave anything out??? Watched twice, so far! More please.

  3. Could he get any cuter...I don't think so! But now I know why he is so thin. All you give him is bones. :)

  4. Umm he is the most adorable, some kind of nephew ever. Can't wait to meet him in Nov. Cindy M.

  5. Oh my, I love to hear that boy laugh.

  6. AW! So cute! I love him with the pile of rib bones!


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