Monday, September 19, 2011


I have been totally jazzed by the numbered stairs that have been all over the web. I have yet to see a place that lists vinyl numbers specifically for this purpose (I think pottery barn kids may have had them at some point) and everywhere I looked into having them done seemed a little excessive... so I figured a DIY was in order
It took me a little while to think of an easy way to accomplish it but it finally hit me- black contact paper. I found it off of Amazon for somewhere around $11 (I actually bought the chalkboard contact paper because it had better reviews). 
Then I played around in Publisher until I found a font I liked and a good text size. After that it went fast I just laid out my printed numbers on top of the contact paper and cut through both  layers with an exacto knife. 
With just a little bit of measuring they all went up super fast. They have been up a few weeks and they continue to look good and are staying stuck. I would suggest cleaning your stairs very well so there is no dirt to get in the way of your sticker sticking. I took this opportunity to finally fully paint my stairs since I was so sick of painting when we originally refinished them that I had never bothered to finish .... and then forgot all about it. 
I barely used any of the contact paper so I see more projects in the future. Martha Stewart has all of the neat holiday silhouette stickers at Michael's so I might have to try my hand at something like that. 


  1. Love it Jess!!!! Wish I had some stairs!!!

  2. ohh such a nice and funny idea!! maybe next time you will make a colorful version?? :D

  3. Very cool! I've seen lots of decorated stairs on the internet but not painted ones. So does this help the OCD person not count, or make it worse?

  4. looks great - but oh to have straight even stairs. Living in an 18 Century cottage means my stairs are crooked, uneven and impossible to get most furniture un and down!

  5. I love this and now I really want some stairs. Not to climb, just to number.
    Kelly, for those of us who OCD count stairs and are getting a bit older, it helps us not lose our place!

  6. It will be great for teaching Micah his numbers. Cute idea, as always.

  7. love these a lot! I love conversation things around the house. Makes the house interesting and unique. If i had stairs I'd do the mice silhouetts.


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