Monday, August 27, 2012

Isabella's Night light

So I've had a few requests for how I put together Isabella's night light so here it is.... 
fishing line
white corded string lights 
extension cord
Screw in anchored hook 6" in from each wall. 
Attach the 3m hooks to top of cabinet about 4" back. 

plug in lights to extension cord, swag white string lights from ceiling to 3m hooks very loosely 
 using fishing line hang the 3 largest lanterns from ceiling hook 
 mix in the smaller lanterns to fill in the gaps
 tuck/hang tissue balls in the additional gaps

 plug in your lights and ENJOY! 
Let me know if you have any questions!!

*a few additional notes-- I plugged the extension cord into the outlet that is connected to the wall switch- much easier to turn on and off! Also I don't leave this on all night in her room. I just turn it on when I need it, it's dim enough to not wake either of us up too much but casts enough light to be able to change diapers safety. 


  1. AND,it is even more gorgeous in person. The light is very soft, I want one in my room!!

  2. Lovely idea - would look great in Christmas Colours, I think? Thanks for sharing!


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