Friday, August 31, 2012

Knitting And Meeting My Goal

Way back, a long time ago, I decided to try and learn to knit. My Sis knits beautifully. She has knit us many beautiful and useful things. Some of those things were washcloths. Have you ever used a knit washcloth? It's one of those things that makes cleaning fun. They are pretty and they work well. I felt bad asking her to make more. So when I decided to try and learn to knit, it was with this one specific goal in mind. Now, about twenty thirty tries later I have actually been able to make something that resembles a washcloth! These don't come close to my sister's, she uses a gorgeous hemp yarn. Oh, and she never drops stitches or knits instead of purls or makes rectangles instead of squares. I'm using a cotton yarn and I frequently loose my way and make mistakes, there is a difference. They are all loosely based (if only I could pay attention) on the Purlbee's wedding washcloths. In the end though, it doesn't really matter, I use them all. Wonky or square, each are beautiful in their own way. Well except this really long narrow grey one. It's special.....


  1. I LOVE the 2 you gave me. Just, "keep on knitting, keep on knitting." Sorry, I was channeling Dora there for a second.

  2. Way cool! That's something I still haven't tried. I'm super impressed!

  3. I managed to knit a scarf using that special yarn on really big needles but really if I had to knit myself a wash cloth it would be so bad and take so long I'd have a really dirty face ;-)

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  5. These are beautiful! Knew you would be off and running once you started, and mine are too wonky with mistakes all in them, seeing how many you have gotten done makes me want to do more!


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