Monday, November 19, 2012

Super MAC

 Uber and my Dad had Micah wearing one of Bella's bibs as a cape a few weeks back. So I thought I would make Micah his very own cape... since a used bib seems a slightly gross way to be a super hero. 

I had pinned a super hero cape at some point that used t-shirts (I don't have time to find it and link to it at the moment) I didn't check the link out other then seeing it- so I am not really sure if there was a tutorial or not. I just made my own up and it was simple enough. I decided to go reversible. 

 Which actually made it super simple because you have no seems to hide. 
The M and MAC I just printed up in publisher and then used steamaseam to hold it in place while I zigzagged it on. 
Super simple, quick and hopefully will one day be fun for him. At the moment wearing it seems to be close to torturous... not sure what the deal is... I think he may be feeling more villain then hero- ha!


  1. This is exactly why boys are so fun - super hero alter egos! Or villains... You know, whatever day it is! :)

  2. I liked wearing it... of course that could be part of his problem now... apparently grammas cannot be super heroes.

  3. Oh that is so cute! He is a super kid so it makes sense that he needs a cape.

  4. I love this! How come you didn't use your Silhouette though?? So much faster to just iron on the initial. Just wonderin' :) But either way I love it! I've wanted to make the girls capes but just never get around to it. Too funny he was 1st wearing a bib!


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