Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Holidays

Jess and I hope your last few days of 2012 have been good. We have gone quiet here, choosing like a lot of you out there, to really be present in the moment. 
The main reason I am breaking my silence is to show you one of my favorite things that made it's way into my holiday decor this year. Compliments of my husband. 

See,I went a bit crazy and turned one entire wall in our house into a chalkboard wall.

 I had very definite plans about what I wanted on the wall. 

Life happened. My plans didn't.

I let go of my expectations and got this gift in return.

I came home from work one day to find he'd begun an amazing drawing. Now that it's finished, I am unsure as to whether I can ever change it....
It is a drawing one of our most favorite places on earth.
It is the view we had, most years, from the window of our Gasthaus.
We miss it.
This year we have enjoyed decorating.
Lighting things up.
Hanging out together.
Sometimes doing our own thing.
Pondering over a puzzle. 
(Holy cow Mom, this one's hard)
And grabbing hugs under the mistletoe.
I also managed a bit of sewing. Pulling out some of my hoarded and doing no one any good, Little Folks Voile, now I, and a few other people have fun scarves to help keep them warm. 

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday. 


  1. Oh wow.... Tell Tim his drawing made me tear up a little! It's really good and reminded me how much I miss you! :) I like the mistletoe too! Happy new year!

  2. Wow that drawing is amazing! Happy new year!

  3. Oh wow that drawing literally had my jaw drop open - it's amazing! Love your decor and it looks like you all had a magical Christmas!

  4. The picture is incredible! What a talented artist!

    Thanks for sharing your family with us! I love seeing how the little ones are growing and the scarves are just beautiful!

    Happy 2013!

  5. The picture is wonderful! Thank you for taking me there so long ago. It is one of my favorite memories. The Your decorations are so pretty. As for the puzzle, you can do it!!!!! Enjoy.

  6. i did not enjoy this post. Your husband put all other husbands to shame and has made us all (not just husbands) see how inadequate we are. How untalented we are. OH MY GOODNESS that mural/painting/picture/chalk-masterpiece is to die for and absolutely perfect in every way. I can die now. You can never change it only add more fabulous framed chalk art all around it of varying sizes and shapes. I will come to your house and smack you silly if you erase that! I want this idea on a wall in my house so bad! One day when we own I will have it and I will have Emily draw me fabulous stuff:)


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