Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bella's Wall

A lovely lady whom we attend worship with finds vintage handkerchiefs with hand embroidery work on them and adds lace to them. I love that she builds on someone else's art. And gives them another life. She is also nice enough to give them to people when she is done. They are so pretty that I told her I was going to frame the one she gave me. So the next week she brought me even  more (queue excitement!)
I grabbed this shadow box frame at ikea when we went last year for this project and finally found the time to get this project done.
It required figuring out how to fit them all in and show off the lace. And then stitching them each onto the backing -of course now I am wishing I had stitched more, but I figured I would show you anyway since more then likely it will take me another year to get it taken apart again...

I love looking at it. Wouldn't this be fun to do with family pieces?

I added it to Bella's room for now. 

I just realized her room already looks different from this again... oh well it's a semi updated picture!!! 


  1. love it! I love vintage hankies. And her room is adorable!

  2. Great idea. I have some vintage hankies that Sherie got for me years ago and I have displayed them in different ways. I really like this, very pretty and what a sweet gift.

  3. Love the hankies, but I REALLY love the stitched verse, so perfect for her room!


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