Thursday, June 6, 2013

Skirt Week - Color Block Skirt

We are so happy to be a part of Skirt Week! It gives me an excuse to sew for myself and the  inspiration I gain from seeing what others are sewing is always fun. Thanks so much to Crafterhours for hosting and offering up such fantastic prizes. If you haven't entered yet, go whip up a skirt and do it!

If you were looking in on the Pintrest boards started by Crafterhours, you may have seen my inspiration skirt.  You can see that the skirt isn't anything many of us haven't done already. It is the same process I used last year for my simple maxi skirt only this time I made the silhouette more of an a-line instead of fully gathered. So, this is not so much a tutorial, it's more of a, have you thought of doing this?

I started with my four colors and decided how wide I wanted each stripe. I added an inch for the seam allowances, with a bit extra on my hem and waist pieces.  I cut two strips from each color. When I sewed the strips together, I decided I wanted to make the seam lines a bit more. So after sewing them together, I finished each seam with a flat felled finish. It's the one you see on jeans. I figured with everyone loving embroidery the way we do, why not be a bit more decorative with my seams!
You can see here, I didn't try to blend the stitching, just coordinate it. I want to try this again and maybe go a bit crazier.
When I had my strips sewn, I layered my new pieces of fabric right sides together. I laid my pattern piece on top. You can see my very simple pattern in this picture, I measured my waist where I wanted the skirt to sit and added 6 inches for ease, and my hips plus 10 inches of ease. Then I divided that in half and decided on my length. If this does not make sense please do a search for drafting your own a-line skirt, there are so many awesome tutorials out there.
Next time I try this I want to cut it out on the bias. That could be really fun!
I marked on one side where I wanted my pattern to hit on the seam lines, then transferred those markings to the other side, pinning at each so my stripes would be even.
I sewed up the side seams and decided to do a clean finish on them. The waist is a wide elastic, I finished the waistline edge of the skirt and zig-zagged it to the elastic. If you've been following along and making this skirt, now is the time to try your skirt on and mark where you want your hem. I made my hem with a simple double fold 3/8 inches wide. It makes all the seaming cohesive within the skirt.
The fun part about this is, if I ever dress in the dark, I'm not sure anyone will notice if it's wrong side out! 
We've been having a little rain in these parts, it makes picture taking a bit more challenging. 
And maybe a bit more fun.
Jess told me to jump.
 This is what she got. 
She wasn't impressed.
  Not sure who I was channeling here but I figured you could use a chuckle. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! We can't wait to see everyone's skirts in the Flickr pools. If you've been inspired here, let us know, we'd love to hear from you.



  1. That jumping one brought a BIG smile to my face! You should jump more often :) Thanks so much ladies!

  2. Super cute! Thanks for the inspiration :) Colors are great too!

  3. I love the colors you chose! Super cute stuff (and nice jump). My husband always tells me to do silly things (like jump) when he is taking pictures for the blog. I often feel silly, but it usually gets me laughing to where he can get a good picture (otherwise, I'm just awkward)

  4. I LOVE it! Yellow and gray has been my rainy spring palette. But no more rain! Tell the weatherman no rain while I'm there! I really really like the skirt!!

  5. That is adorable. Jump away. Cute.

  6. I tried to post the other day but it wouldn't take. So anyway, I love it Corinnea! LOVE the colors and the style. I would wear this. LOVE IT!!!!!!!


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