Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Time We Should Have Payed More Attention

AKA The Traumatic Event In Which We All Lived Happily Ever After

We try to keep things pretty light here on our blog. If something bad happens, more than likely we won't blog about it. This is different. This is one of those moments where the idyllic became dangerous and could have been tragic. Our hammock was strung between these two trees. We knew the one had died, but at the time it remained firmly in the ground so we continued to use it. We would talk about the time when we would have to take it down and we checked it regularly. Not enough over the last month though. We've had a lot of rain, and of course, we live in Florida where everything is humid and there are a lot of bugs. What we couldn't see, inside, is what came close to causing us awful grief. The bugs had gotten into the base of the trunk. Just moments before, a dear friend was swinging all 4 of our littles in the hammock. They were getting ready to leave and Jess's guy Uber hopped in with Micah. A few moments later we heard this cracking noise. Slower and faster than I can even tell you, the tree fell. Onto them. I am so very thankful he is strong and fast. In spite of being dropped to the ground on his back, he was able to catch the trunk as it fell on top of them.

I'm not sure how heavy it was, but it was enough to do severe damage. The fact that they only had bruises, and for Uber some awful scrapes was amazing and such a relief. 
My guy started cleaning up right away because the sight was very distressing to Micah.

Up until everything was cleaned up and we walked back out to look at the area, Micah had been very quiet. The kind of quiet you don't want your babies to be. 
This was his reaction when he saw his beloved swing gone. It's so sad it makes me cry!
The next day, grampa got out and turned the stump into something fun. 

 Cause that's the way we roll.
For me, it will remind me that I need to pay more attention. 


  1. Oh scary! We live in Florida also...I wonder if all of the rain we have had played a role. Our wooden fence blew down, and we think it was partly because it was so water logged! I'm glad everyone is okay!

  2. Oy! We had friends staying at a family beach house and the beam that cracked and fell on the people (too many of them...) in the hammock sent one guy to the ER for stitches. So scary, so glad all or physically ok! Takes time to get through the emotion of a near-miss, for sure. So sorry. And.... Cute tiny seat. :)

  3. Hey these things happen. The important thing was nobody was seriously injured. And I love the new seat!

  4. Scary...makes me sad on so many levels. Don't beat yourself up for 'not paying attention'. We don't live in a box and things happen. So much to be thankful for in this case.

  5. I'm glad that all were safe! Really, it will be a lesson Micah will learn from, but I do understand that we want our little ones to know that they are safe and feel secure. Do not be too hard on yourself; can't wait for you to see the lil' guy smiling over his special, new seat just his size ~

  6. Oh so very glad all are safe and that something that could remain horrid, has a happier ending!

  7. Wow, that's scary! Thank goodness he was in there with them and had the quick reflexes to jump to the rescue! What an adorable little seat too! All's well that ends well! :)

  8. Crazy! I'm so glad they weren't hurt! That's scary! Very neat to turn it into something else fun. I hope you find something else to hang the hammock from!

  9. That would have been scary to see! It is so heart-wrenching to see our babies soo scared! Glad all is ok. Love the new seat.

  10. Oh my word, how scary! I just bet it happened in slow-mo. Thank the Lord for good reflexes! So, so glad that everything turned out ok. And yay, for the new little seat in the yard.

  11. Oh my - how very very good that nobody got really hurt !!! Don't be too hard on yourself, there's a reason why accidents are called like that - most of the time, nobody knows its going to happen !! Maybe you can replace the swing ? The new little seat is just adorable ;-))


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