Thursday, August 15, 2013

1,2,3 strikes we're out....

Baby showers are so fun (so much better then wedding showers... gift giving wise of course). All of the little baby items are just too cute. Our most recent shower was baseball themed so I went back and forth on making  verse buying and if making what to make... so it finally occurred to me that a mobile would be really fun. 

I have a lot of anxiety giving people made items. Because I don't mind if they don't want it I just want them to give it back if they don't want it... please don't humor me if you don't like something I will get you something that you do like. SO anyway that has nothing to do with this that is just a public service announcement... 

I looked around and took several ideas and then added my own touches 

 It turned out very well. And just so you know mobiles are frustrating to photograph... it might have something to do with the fact that they are mobile... possibly
 The couple this is for are very big into baseball. Or at least he is and she humors him... not 100% on that one but she doesn't dislike it. They even had a baseball themed wedding. This maybe too much information I don't know I haven't blogged in so long that I am not sure what is worth saying. 
 The scoreboard is from a game that had meaning to him... I think the 2nd game of the 88 world series... I can't remember for sure I am trying to block out all memories having to stitching that board twice... 
 Really other then the scoreboard this was blast to make and came together fairly quickly. 
 I might even be willing to make one again but I will never make another scoreboard... 
 And of course not a complicated logo either... 
It was hard not to keep it. I have no personal use for it but I just loved the way it came together. 


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  2. That is adorable. Would have been better had he been a Giants fan. But your part was awesome as usual.

  3. I loooooove the bats as a frame and the super cute hand stitching. It's adorable!

  4. this is amazing!! And I strongly dislike sports! But I can appreciate beauty and hard work. It's awesome! SO perfectly made. It's too bad you have kids and a life because you'd really do well in the pattern design business!

    1. You know it's funny because I'm trying to decide what I want to do so that when I get back to school in a few years I'm not wasting my time. I would really love to design products but I'm not even sure what degree does that or how you get into that field. It is something I have thought about though

  5. We don't really do baseball over here so I had to concentrate hard to work out what all the things were. Inspired idea though. You really do come up with some original stuff. And I'm with you on the gift giving. If someone doesn't want something I'd rather have it back than it go in the bin or sit unloved in a cupboard.

  6. That really is just too perfect. You never fail to impress. :) Jennifer is so right, I think you would do well in any field of design.


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