Friday, August 30, 2013

Baseball Baby Shower

Realized I never shared the Baseball invite I created for the shower or the shower

Mom was on top of it and finally took pictures at this shower. We host a lot of showers... we never have pictures of them... we are terrible about it. And we have a few really awesome ladies that do a lot of really great decorating. 
 How adorable are these cupcakes?
 This lovely young lady made them. She's awesome and adorable. We all dressed up in baseball fan attire for the shower- it was the most comfortable I have ever been at a shower. She actually is a wedding planner/coordinator (I am not sure I have her title right... ). Doesn't that sound like fun?!

I wish I could show you more pictures but for privacy I am going to keep it to the ones without people ... 
Hope you enjoyed!
PS I received the pictures from the photographer for Bella's 1st birthday... I will try to share that soon! SOOOO love the way her birthday came out!


  1. What a fun looking shower! Very talented ladies.

  2. How fun! The invites look great and how cool that you got to work with a party planner! Are you doing this as a paying gig or just for friends? It looks like fun!

    1. Mrs. Party planner goes to church with us. So we make her help us :). These showers are just for girls at Church that get married or have (their first) babies. We usually have 2-4 showers a year, then we do a ornament exchange at Christmas.

  3. Wow what a great looking party. I love it when themes follow through in all the tiny details.

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