Friday, October 21, 2011

Micah's 1st Birthday

We had planned for the birthday party to be outdoors but unfortunately the weather threatened to be nasty so we ended up moving it inside just to be safe. So there was a lot of last minute re planning of the decorations. Uber and a friend ended up being in charge of the garland and I have to say  I love that they decided to deck out the front of the house!

 lebkuchen were worn
 as well as lederhosen (outfit courtesy of Mum's amazing sewing skills) but don't worry only by the wee one. 
We tried to get a mini photo shoot in but there were a lot of distractions... wind... dogs...

 This child kills me. 

 Mustaches which had nothing to do with the fest they just seemed like they would be fun
 and they were!

 Micah enjoyed his gifts

Though not so much when I put him in his gift...
**Disclaimer** there were awesome balls in this box... he should have enjoyed this!
 Kubbs was played - have you all heard of this game? It's Swedish and it is a blast- dad made our set. 
 Micah wasn't sure what to do while everyone sang to him 
 He was also rather miffed about the large cake in front of him, like we were playing some sort of trick on him.
 He was more than happy to feed it to other people 
 But we found out he is more of a chocolate boy.


  1. Love, love, love all the pictures! Everything looked fabulously fun! And Micah! Micah is growing SO fast!!! The invites are fantastic and the cookies looked yummy and authentic! And the Lederhosen....Oh my! NIcely done! So glad you shared the day! ;-)

  2. How many babies get to celebrate their birthdays with a bier fest?? This is great! And it makes a great deal of sense too, since the first birthday is really more a celebration for the adults than for the baby. I may have to piggy-back off of this idea for Kaylie's first birthday...

  3. LOVE seeing the pictures of his b-day. He is so funny I just want to squeeze him. It looked like the funest party ever! Can't believe all the desserts on that table and his Lederhosen!!!! Wish we lived closer. :(
    That game, I need to find out about it

  4. WOW! In awe over here. Seriously? Did you make the lebkuchen?? They look perfect! And WHAT? Did Corinnea make those ledehosen? You guys amaze me. Looks like a great day, and I'm sure he enjoyed it - most of it - except for where you tried to stuff him in a box. But I'm sure after a little therapy he'll be fine.... Haha!

  5. Wow! Looks like so much fun! Between a business trip and a lack of guests, our (I mean my) first birthday plans kind of fizzled. But I do have to post a picture of the birthday boy's special outfit.

  6. You really outdid yourself and so did Corinnea! What a really cool unique idea. I love the mustaches too! Loved everything. just genius.

  7. Everything looks so great, and he is such a cutie!

  8. Brilliant! Everything was so well executed!!! esp the mustaches, they are my fav. well and that darling boy, he's a looker!

  9. Love the pics. The moustashe ones espiecally. Looks like he had a fun day.


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