Friday, October 11, 2013

Bella's Birthday! ... Finally...

So 5 months later I am going to share Bella's party with you... 
I wanted a Fruhlings Fest theme... but people here wouldn't really get that so I just had that in the back of my mind with the decorations.

The invites. Oh dear I just LOVE them! 
A lovely girl who we met through worship took most of the photos. She is actually in the process of moving to New York so unfortunately I won't be able to continue to take advantage of her expertise. But you can check her out on Facebook here.
The party decorations turned out bright and festive. Just what I was hoping for. And the weather cooperated unlike on Micah's first birthday

 Fest cookies, a necessity for any party. 

I DIY'd the glitter letters. 
 and made a lot of Shot Cotton pennants 
 The pinata Beehive.... which may have been a little bit too well made....the bees are made of sculpey and painted. We removed them before destroying it. Instead of filling it with candy it was filled with confetti. Each kid received a cotton drawstring bag... which had bubbles, a squirt gun, a ball, and playdough. I tried come up with things that could be used up and purged easily when the parents were over it. 

 We went easy on the menu and just had Pulled Pork, fruit, baked beans, and cut vegetables. 

 Someone took the singing and cake much better then Micah. She never has minded attention! 
 I can't believe Bella is already one let alone almost one and a half now! 


  1. What a beautiful party! Are those edible cookie necklaces...they look too cute? Did you make them?

    1. Yes I made them. They are a reproduction of the cookies that you see at all the fests that they hold in Germany, usually made from lebkuchen (mine were made from gingerbread, I prefer not to eat either of these cookies)
      wikis answer--
      Lebkuchen is usually soft, but a harder type of Lebkuchen is used to produce Lebkuchen Hearts, usually inscribed with icing, which are available at many German fairs, and the witch houses made popular because of the fairy tales about Hansel and Gretel.

  2. What a fun party! And all the decorations are amazing. She has already changed so much since these pictures. What a cutie she is.

  3. I love how lovely everything looks - I've just read above you made those cookies! Wow! I loved the look of the cakes and how Bella was having fun with hers right at the end. It looked like a wonderful party!

  4. I love the invitation! It is so beautiful! You should do. Tutorial for your cookies!

  5. Meh, who needs grammar? I need to chec what the iPad has typed before hitting publish!

  6. you SHOULD do a tutorial for the cookies! I love the invites soooooo much! they are so beautiful. And the pinata is just gorgeous! I love everything!!


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