Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Horse Baby Shower

We are apparently all parties here. 
We recently did a shower and it had a horse theme (LOVE) here are the invites. 

 We decided to simplify the spread this time and pack lunches for the guests. In case you think about doing this for a large party- it's not simpler it's a ton more work and energy. 
But it was fun and lovely when it was done.
Each box was packed with a croissant, chicken salad, potato salad and fruit salad. It was delicious! 
 blueberry and cherry trifles 
 peanut Butter and chocolate muffins

 We also had guest sign a book - how fun is that?!


  1. Jaw dropping amazing!! Did you make the quilt in the window too? And all the desserts? This is really awesome!

  2. Beautiful! You need to submit this to Amy Atlas Events. She showcases parties likes this all the time! http://amyatlas.com/

    Also...LOVE the name in rope. How did you do that??

  3. Have I ever told you you are amazing. I think I have. :)


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