Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Horse Quilt

So yes to answer Kelly's question this was my gift. 

The Mom-to-be is from Texas and loves horses (hence the theme) so I had the star-burst idea stuck in my head. Originally she was sure she was having a boy but it turned out to be a girl so I switched my original blue and green plans for light and bright pink. I am really happy with how it turned out. I did it in voile because they will always live in Florida so warmth isn't needed often. I didn't unfortunately think through how thin voile and piecing probably wasn't a good idea... so in the end I had to double the fabric. Which was a ginormous pain in the butt. Piecing a wonky design like this is bad enough with out trying to work with double the layers. In the end it definitely isn't the most square quilt but I think the funkiness of it will hopefully make up for it. 
I was originally planning to applique the horses but mom mentioned painting them - duh! So I cut horse stencils (using the same design that I put on the invites) So there is a horse for each family member. 
The stitching is hand quilted. I also stitched her name into the quilt just because it sounded awesome! 

Hopefully they enjoy it. 


  1. Totally awesome!!! Yeah giant pieces of voile do not sound fun to work with. You did a fantastic job. And painting the horses on was a great idea!

  2. So fun! Love this quilt...front and back :)


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