Friday, June 27, 2014

Hey June - Union St Tee

Remember the year you bought that T-shirt and when you realized how awesome it was, you went back to get more and they were all gone.  Then you spent the next five years searching for the same cut and fit and you couldn't find it, so you cried?..... C'mon I cannot be the only one this has happened to. 

The Adrianna half of Crafterhours (hi Susan) has come out with one of the best staple item patterns I have seen. She did give us this pattern to try but the gushing about it is all my own. If you have a yard of knit, a couple of hours and you love a great T-shirt, you will want this pattern. I liked it so much, I may have gone a bit crazy. M kay, I was crazy to start but crazy likes comfortable clothes that fit.....

Jess and I have not had a ton of time to spend together lately so our "small window of time photo shoot" ended up being as chaotic as our lives are. There was chasing and shooing of kids and dogs. Then we got silly, but only because we love Hey June patterns.

If you're over it you can stop now.

I love that this pattern fits all sizes and body types. Jessica requested a more fitted top. I found this stripe knit for her at JoAnn. The red I had in my stash. I want to make one like it in my size, mother daughter twins might be awkward though.....
I made my version from some rayon knit I had in my stash. I loved one of Adrianna's versions, that I think only showed up on IG, where she used a woven fabric for the neck line. I had to try it and I decided to add cuffs on the sleeves. Cutting the woven fabric on the bias, allows for plenty of give and I thought it was a fun addition. As you can see, I chose a less fitted cut. In fact I did a FBA for my shirts (Full Bottom Adjustment) to accommodate my, ahem, fuller figure. 
I also had this silk/rayon stripe knit from in my stash. I love the way this fabric feels. It is super drapey and if you get caught in a torrential downpour will in fact have a life of its own where it tries to escape off your body, but if you stay dry, you're good. 

I gave it a vee in the back because I could. Jessica may think I went too far with this one....

I really was trying to use what I had in my stash, but I saw this at JoAnn and decided three-fifty for a shirt was too good to pass up. It looks kinda of slouchy here, but to be fair, the humidity at this point, was at about 300% and I was getting slouchy too. I chose the longer sleeves for this version. It'll be a good addition to my work wardrobe. What's going on here you ask?  I think Jessica told me to step on Micah. Not sure why I did, but its ok, cause he likes it. 
While at the afore mentioned store trying to resist more fabric, I found this piece of lace and thought a half yard would not be splurging because it was for Jessica. It's not a splurge when it's for someone else is it?? I did use this blue knit that I bought years ago in Germany (miss you Kelly). I really love the way it turned out. 

For this next one, I cut the front neckline about an inch lower, left the sleeves off (I may be too old for sleeveless, but I live in Florida) and added a lighter shade of strips to the neckline.  That part didn't turn out as planned but I still like it. I purchased a top that is cut like this and now I can make my own. Dear Adrianna, sorry about the purple, but thank you for a versatile pattern.

I promise, I'm almost done with my adoration of this pattern. I will be making more but I won't torment you with them, except maybe on Instagram. This was more knit that had been waiting for the right pattern. 
This last dark blue version was the first one I made. I thought it was black. Apparently I am a bit color blind at night. I decided to curve the bottom hem and I will be doing more of that in the future. 

Anyone ever have any trouble with their remote? I cracked myself up when I saw these pictures. Why. Won't. It. Work. I thought maybe some of you would like a laugh too. 

Thank you Adrianna for such a fantastic,  pattern. You know which one Jessica and I want next.

Our friend Jennifer at ParrishPlatz has her version up today too! Go see her. She's a very clever girl. 

If by any chance you haven't seen all of the other amazing people who have made The Union St Tee, go on over here and check them out.


  1. Thank you ladies SO much for joining the tour and making eleventybillion tees! I love them all! (even the purple one. I always appreciate a good mod ;)) I love the v-neck back too! One of my favorite store bought shirts has that feature and I think it's so feminine and unexpected. Well done. And if you read my post on crafterhours, you'll see that your AWESOME posing made me smile at a very critical moment. The taxi driver probably thought I was nuts, sitting back there cry laughing. You guys are the best :)

  2. Way to show us all up with your eleventy-billion tees! At least they are all well done and so unique. Well played ladies....

    I know why Adrianna asked you two to join the tour. Because she knew you'd make awesome and you didn't disappoint.

  3. Love all these variations--and your too funny photo shoot! I think this might have to be the very next pattern I buy.

  4. Well, I wrote a long comment and it did't post? So, here goes....funnest post ever, best looking models ever, love the tops especially the purple and slouchy ones, could look are these picture forever! So glad you were asked to join the tour.

  5. You guys are just amazing!! I love all the shirts! Jess's gray stripe with the red trim is my fav! I miss you too sooooo much!

  6. WOW - you sure had fund sewing, hm ? They look great !! I'll need to try sewing with knits ... eventually ;-))


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