Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Going away gift... Part 2

So I forgot to get completed pictures of these gifts... But I will show you what I have! 

This watercolor was for Hannah. After a lengthy discussion with her husband we landed on these lyrics from Augustana's Sweet and Low. It looks better matted and framed. 

Hannah is Micah & Bella's other Mom. Seriously. People think they're hers when we are out together... mainly because they look like her. She might as well be my younger sister. She was always game for any adventure (or just hanging out) It's very boring without her and her husband around! 

She is coming out this week for a visit and I am beyond excited to see her! I may or may not let her leave.


  1. Ooh, very nice! I don't know that song, but I really like how you illustrated it!

  2. Wow! So you just have a whole myriad of talents! I love this painting!

  3. its beautiful Jess! I love your water color prints.

  4. its beautiful Jess! I love your water color prints.


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