Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Olivia's Quilt

When Jessica and I started brainstorming about my niece's quilt, we went back and forth on several ideas. At some point we realized we'd both pinned this quilt and then it was decided. Apologies for the less than quality photos. I need to not wait until it's too late and then just having to make do...

We loved the way our inspiration quilt made the secondary pattern of X's. Jess was in charge of making sure everything was in the right place. I was in charge of sewing and trying not to mess that up. This did cause one issue, in that, to get the desired amount of x's without having to make even smaller HSTs, we had to go bigger. As in the biggest baby blanket ever. Good news, it's so big it will take her straight through her toddler years and then some.
My sis-in-law picked out this duvet from Pottery Barn Kids for the little Miss's room. We stepped up the colors just a notch.... It was so fun gathering this variety of fabrics, picking stuff up here and there and pulling from our stash.
The duvet was used for the backing with plenty left over for room accents. We did simple straight line quilting on point. The binding is a deep purple.
The solid fabrics are all Kona Cotton. Aurifil thread was used for both pricing and quilting. The batting is Pellon's Nature Touch that we purchased from Joann.
We had such fun making this and of course it is full of love and good wishes for this little one as she starts her life.


  1. Very nicely done! I think it's great that she has a quilt that isn't just for a short time, but that will last. Maybe that should actually be a thing! :) It's really cool to hear how you work on things together.

  2. Hey, this looks familiar ;-) still trying to figure out what to hang it on. Right now it's across the back 9f my rocker. I love it! Thank you again.

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