Monday, March 9, 2015

Savannah's Baby Shower Gift

 I didn't do the invites this time- and I wasn't able to attend the shower either but I did have to send back something to a super sweet Mom-to-be. 
Jacksonville is getting to be a very crafty group and not only that but she is related to a lot of crafty people. So coming up with a gift was just a touch hard. It finally hit me I should make her a doll.... totally useless to the new mom but hopefully fun too. 

Meet Miss'E' and her dog Mayberry. 
She is Black Apples doll pattern with alternate pattern pieces I pinned on pinterest (not sure where these are originally from... they link to Martha Stewart also but aren't what that post links to)

 Bella was sure this was her in doll form- I mean the world does revolve around her right? But this was actually just my guess at what coloring their daughter might have and Mayberry is supposed to be the miniature and not in anyway exact tiny version of one of their real dogs that is a standard poodle. 

Bella's dolls are naked.... a LOT... so I gave Miss'E' permanent undergarments and made her shoes permanent (because who wants to find and put on tiny shoes all the time?? Answer is not me...ha) Her shoes were made from some leather I had in the drawer. 

Her hair and flower are wool felt. All the detail work was hand embroidered. 
For now she has one little peasant top dress and a very small version of Mom's baby bibs (which I knit myself because I have finally learned how to do a very, very limited amount of knitting-- don't worry I won't be sending anyone scarves!)

Mayberry is also made of wool felt and hand sewn together. His (Her?) pattern was made up by me... super straight forward and simple. I wanted to be sure the baby could play/chew on this and there be no worries. 

To be practical a couple of felt hair clips and toy bags were also sent... because why not... I have such a hard time not making ALL THE THINGS for new babies.... 

Now who is having the next baby?? I am all out of pregnant friends!


  1. I don't think there is anything you can't do. What a darling gift.

  2. This *almost* makes me want to have another baby if Jessica originals are involved... But not quite. I'll let you know when Haven gives me grand babies. In no less than 10 years-ish... ;)
    Seriously, awesome stuff! The details in the doll are incredible! I kept spotting new things in every picture!

  3. I love the details of the doll. love it! especially the under garments.The clips are adorable too.

  4. So adorable, I can't believe this is your first softie...the details are fabulous! I found you from the Sew Mama Sew's softie contest.

  5. I love the embroidery details! Especially on the upper part of the shirt to make it look lacy. So clever!


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