Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Because, who doesn't need a stump?

First off I would like to say I have no idea where this idea came from... one day, a few months ago I decided I wanted to make a stump ottoman for Baby MAC's room... Why? I don't know. Anyway, I went through a lot of different ideas on how to do it - I even searched Etsy to see if it had been done already so I could get some ideas... unfortunately I totally struck out.... then I saw a post on Young House Love featuring a small storage ottoman they had bought at Target for a ridiculously cheap price and knew that was my best bet. I ran by Target and picked one up.
Fast forward a few weeks to my Mum's arrival and soon after that, the excessive amounts of wool roving I had asked her to pick up. I finally had all of my supplies in order and a slave to do my bidding... ahem I mean my lovely mother who is exceptionally awesome, talented and helpful.
We got busy collaborating on what I was wanting and then she got to work sewing the whole trunk together. So all I had to do was the fun stuff! How awesome is that?
We didn't bother taking a lot of in progress pictures... so here's the final product and a brief run down of how we accomplished it.

Using the cylinder ottoman, we recovered the whole thing with 100% wool suiting that we washed in hot water, sliced into bark like pieces and sewed together; leaving the seams exposed to give it the raised look. We stuffed it with poly-fill it to give it a trunk like shape.

I used wool roving to add in all of the detailing.
The inside is lined with a Joel Dewberry print.
I wanted to add a zillion more animals... but decided to stop and live with it for a while before doing anymore... I don't want it to be crowded!
MUSHROOMS! I can't wait to make more of these!
The leaves are cut from felt sheets and then the veins are needle felted in.
A little sneak behind the scenes of Mum cleaning it up for the photos.
Which of course she took and edited and handed to me to blog... because she is awesome like that.
It looks fantastic in the nursery... which is SOOO close to being done!


  1. This looks really cute. I love the toadstools. I have a big box of wool roving and can never decide what to do with it!

  2. This is so insanely cute!! Where in the world did you even get this idea?? LOVE IT!! The details on it are simply perfect. :)

  3. It seems that when ever I read your post I am making a comment that begins with "OH MY GOSH!" Seriously, it is TO. DIE. FOR! You + your mother is a super, intoxicatingly ingenious combination! It's almost too much for the mind, heart and soul!

    So..... when are you guy's going to write a book? Together ya'll could make the most fun and inspiring craft/lifestyle book ever!

  4. Oh my! You guys are UH.MAZE.ING!!!! Hehe! WOW! That's SOOOOO cool!

  5. I love the mushrooms! I want to make some! The stool is fantastic! Is it pretty sturdy? I can't wait to see the room finished!

  6. girl!!! that is a really beautiful thing! im in shock! how did you makae it!!;o

  7. You need to sell these...They are just awesome.

  8. I am so in love with this!! I am just starting to decorate my babys nursery and i want this so bad!! Could you make me one? lol!!

  9. Okay, so for those of us who don't know how to sew, how much would you charge to make another one and ship it? :)

  10. Okay, so for those of us who don't know how to sew, how much would you charge to make another one and ship it? :)

  11. Do you sell these? Please say yes! I want one!!

    I realize that this post is a couple years old...but I completely fell in love with the there a way to purchase one? Or could you describe the process and materials, I just bought a sewing machine, but I don't understand what roving is... I plan on going to Joann Fabric. Thanks for your time


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